Southern Sweetness

What is it about the South that separates it from the rest of the world? This week I think I have found the answer. Since we arrived in Hilton Head, we have never been in an elevator that we were Not spoken to. Anytime we shared the elevator, whether with young or old, people looked … Continue reading

Recipes From The Road

Yesterday I said that I would post some recipes which we came across while traveling through the East these few weeks. We have eaten at Hudson’s twice while in Hilton Head. Their seafood is just so good. They serve this slaw which they share the recipe on the back of the take away menu. 7 … Continue reading


What can I say except, YUM!!!!! Today was one of those days which will remain one of my favorite food memories. If you are like me, you have those special days of falling into different categories and today, well, all I can say is, “I had a great time.”. We arrived in Savannah an hour … Continue reading

Senior Struggles in So Carolina

Maybe it’s just us, but as we travel along our great Nations byways, we are learning more about ourselves. Most travelers seem to write about the great experiences they have at each destination. We, on the other hand, seem to experience things that just point out that we are not getting any younger. This morning, … Continue reading

Florida Fun Facts

We have been in Florida since last Monday. Traveling from Destin to Orlando Thursday, we decided to stop in Tallahassee for lunch. We noticed a sign directing us to Sonny’s Barbeque which had places on Exit 202 and 203. Pulling into the parking lot, which was totally packed, we decided to get our order to … Continue reading

Eating Our Way Thru Florida

The adventure has begun. We are on our way to see how many great new places we can dine in from Texas, up the East Coast, going into Hershey, PA, Richmond, VA, Hilton Head, Outer Banks, Orlando and depending if we can still get the seat belts around us, who knows where before heading back … Continue reading

On The Road Again

In the same time that it takes us to go from Dallas to El Paso, we have traveled from Houston to Lousiana, Mississippi, (It makes me so proud to still be able to spell that after being out of school 48 years), Alabama and then on into Florida. As we drove through New Orleans, we … Continue reading

New Mexico Restaurants

As I posted yesterday regarding restaurants which we have grown to love while traveling, this post will cover our favorites in New Mexico. ALBEQUERQUE Located to the west of Interstate 25 in the Rio Rancho community is El Pinto. It is a great place for sitting outside on their beautiful patio while dining on New … Continue reading