New Mexico Restaurants

As I posted yesterday regarding restaurants which we have grown to love while traveling, this post will cover our favorites in New Mexico.


Located to the west of Interstate 25 in the Rio Rancho community is El Pinto. It is a great place for sitting outside on their beautiful patio while dining on New Mexico cuisine, beginning with deep fried jalapeno strips. Delicious.

Flying Star Café, located on Central is the place to go for the best fruit pies you have ever had. The crust is the flakiest you have had. Delicious desserts of all kinds to take on the road for keeping you from being bored while driving through the desert.

Charlies Front and Back Door. The Front Door for when you want to be seen and the Back Door for when you don’t.
The Mexican food is traditional New Mexican.


Si Senora on the main street is our place which we drive all the way from Phoenix to have their stuffed sopapillas. Their green chile sauce is above reproach. Our opinion is that these are the best sopapillas you could have. Before you finish your lunch or dinner, they put a basket of cinnamon-sugar sopapillas on the table for your enjoyment. Randy is all about free, so he leaves this place with a smile on his face. The prices are so cheap you will be amazed. Our lunch plates were about $7.00 each.

Martins The Capitol, according to our kids (but they haven’t been to Deming) has the best stuffed sopapillas. I have to say that if you can’t go to Deming, then this is the place.

Burrito Express is, once again according to two of our kids, think that their burrito’s are the best this side of Heaven.
If we go to Roswell, we have orders to bring back as many as will fit in our trunk to Dallas. Their green chile steak burritos are huge and just so great.


Now we are talking great New Mexico Mexican food. Our first stop as soon as we reach the city limits is The Shed.
To tell you how much we love this place, our last visit of 3 days saw us there 3 times, twice for dinner and once for lunch. How is it that the best garlic bread is found at a Mexican food restaurant? But it is! Randy goes for their
blue corn stacked enchiladas. This place has so much history and just entering through the door that can’t be more than 5′ tall, is just a perk.

Café On The Square for breakfast. We were excited to have Val Kilmer walk past us Great place to watch people go by and the breakfast selection is just great. Good food and a place where the locals frequent.

The Shed is the place to go for Steak Diablo. Ribeye with green chile sauce atop makes this beautiful little restaurant right off the square a winner. While we were at dinner there one night, we caught sight of Jerry Seinfeld.
Steak Diablo and Seinfeld, all in the same place. Great memory.

The French Bakery is such a perfect spot for resting your feel from sight seeing and munching on a dessert and a cup of coffee or tea. This place is just around the corner from the Chapel of Loretta, which is a must see when you are there.

SAN ANTONIO (the one in NM, not TX)

The Owl Bar is the place to go for the “world known green chile cheese burgers” I ask Randy if I called someone in Paris or London would they really know about the OWL Bar, but he just glared at me. So I don’t know if their claim is true, but they really are amazing. IT is certainly worth pulling off Interstate 25 at Socorro.

IF you have others which you love, let me know and I will add them to this list!

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