What can I say except, YUM!!!!! Today was one of those days which will remain one of my favorite food memories. If you are like me, you have those special days of falling into different categories and today, well, all I can say is,
“I had a great time.”. We arrived in Savannah an hour before our RSVP of 1:15 at Lady & Sons. After 45 minutes of driving around trying to find a parking place, we were about to give up and just chalk it up to maybe we weren’t suppose to be there today. I told Randy that it was ok, it wasn’t that big of deal (all the while just trying not to act disappointed) and that he didn’t have to waste anymore time trying to find a parking place. We had gone to 3 public parking garages only to be turned away as they were all full. Randy, knowing how much I wanted to go told me that he would make one more loop around the block (we had driven around these blocks probably 5 or 6 times already)to just see if maybe we would be lucky enough to see a car pulling away, giving us a parking place. Knowing that this was not going to happen, I resolved to the fact that it just should not be that important to me. We turned the corner onto the one way street which runs right in front of her place and low and behold, it was just like the Lord just waited until our car was in perfect position to pull into the parking spot that a car was pulling out of. I have to confess, I got tears in my eyes that the Lord did that. We were parked and walked in the door to the gift shop and began to pick up a few (maybe more than a few, ok, a lot, a whole lot) of kitchen items which will adorn my new kitchen in AZ. I think our new friends there will get the idea that we are Southerners since we bought everything from a pillow to spatulas to measuring spoons to coffee cups with “Hey Ya’ll or It’s a Southern Thing” written all over them. Then, because it is a dream of mine that Paula read my book, I took a copy in just in case. Knowing that it would really never happen that she be there, (but a girl can dream) I asked the lady checking us out if Paula came in to the store and restaurant. She (Betsy) replied that she had just been in with her whole family on Friday. Getting excited, I ask her if I gave her a book would she promise she would get it to Paula. She had been kidding Randy about all the kitchen spatulas I had bought and she told me that if I would sign it, she promised to give it to Paula. Also Betsy’s husband drives the limo which drives Paula’s family around so if she didn’t see her in a few days, she would give it to her husband the next time he picked Paula up to give to her. Now my heart was beating so fast, we walked to the car where I proceeded to go on FB and find Paula’s page. After finding it, I wrote and told her what I had just done and in about 30 min,she or someone who writes for her (yes, I like to think it is Paula, herself) answered the comment saying that she could not wait to read it. All I can say is, this day was better than being let loose with an unlimited credit card in HomeGoods for 8 hours. Even Randy had a great time, feasting on delicious fried chicken and mashed potatoes at the Lady & Sons. It was a fabulous day and cannot wait to hang up my new kitchen towel, drink from my new coffee cup while whipping up a butter cake with my new spatula. It will be grand to go relax on our couch, laying my head on the new “Hey Yall” pillow.
It was a very “butterful” day!

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