Cinnamon Brownies

These brownies take a normal brownie to the next level. Took them to art class today and everyone loved them and wanted the recipe. When I told them to just make  your favorite brownies recipe (and yes, if you are like my husband, Frosty, who loves even the Duncan Hines box brownies) just add 1 … Continue reading

Pecan Cheesecake Bars

Yesterday I had an Christmas Cookie & Chat Open house. These cheesecake bars were the hit of the day. It’s interesting to me that each year we do this, there seems to always be one item that gets all the attention. Last year it was the Meltaways and this year, the Cheesecake Bars. Out of … Continue reading

Chicken A La Chardone

Last week, I told you that I would be posting a new chicken recipe when I received it from the lady who cooked it for us at her house. She sent it to me today so here it is. Pat, thanks for introducing us to a most amazing delicious recipe that is just so easy … Continue reading

Almond-Oat Lace Cookies*

  If you read the blog on Monday, you will remember that we went on a Chocolate Tour over the weekend. We even made our hubbies go with us. Because of the awesome chocolate treats that awaited us at each stop, they really got into the Chocolate Tour moment*(see inset picture)At one of the stops, … Continue reading

Chocolate Truffles

This past weekend, we were in Big Bear and went to a Chocolate Tour. One of the locations had these delicious little gems that were just chocolate truffles dusted with fairy dust, I mean powdered sugar. I came home and immediately found my old recipe that I use to make and use as decorations on … Continue reading

Friday ROAD TRIP of Christmas Countdown

Well this past week has found the Griswalds at Wallyworld, the Storage Unit and now ta da, we get to go to Big Bear, which is up in the mountains a couple of hours from our house for a Chocolate Tour. The tour takes you to 4 decorated houses with different chocolate treats at each … Continue reading

Yes, Another Mushroom Recipe

I LOVE mushrooms. I don’t know if it is the flavor or the fact that you can eat a million of them without worrying about calories. Of course, depending on what you stuff them with or how you prepare the little angels, could quickly send you into Cholestrol Cardiac, but we won’t worry about that … Continue reading

Tips for Baking Cookies

Yesterday a friend emailed me and said that a lady had brought in ginger cookies to the office. They were thin and crispy  and she wanted to know why they had spread out so much. Here was my answer. 1. Almost always, the cheaper the butter the more water content. Never use whipped butter or … Continue reading

Artichoke Fritata

Several friends have texted me to ask if I had any new appetizer recipes. When I went back through some recipes that I have used in the past, I came across this one. In the 90’s I belonged to a women’s club, called Northwood Womans Club in Dallas. We began each year with a “tea” … Continue reading

Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcakes

Am having ladies over for lunch tomorrow. Wanted dessert that looked Christmasie (is that really a word, probably not) I remembered going to Celebrity Bakery in Dallas and having the wonderful strawberry-cream cheese cake with strawberry frosting after having their chicken salad sandwiches. So since I am serving chicken salad sandwiches tomorrow, I wanted to … Continue reading