Coming Home To Christmas

After 20 days we arrived home late last night. We had been driving from Phoenix for the last 2 days. Frosty has been sick with a horrible cough which sounds like he smokes a carton a day. So driving and listening to him make noises which I have never heard before had me repeating at … Continue reading

Italian Pot Pies

We are leaving tomorrow for Phoenix to spend Thanksgiving with our kids before heading back to Texas. It has been a glorious 2 weeks with friends who have become like family to both Randy and I. Since today is our last day here we decided to go back to 2 of our favorite restaurants before … Continue reading

Cranberry Apple Cake

Last evening we were invited to some friends for dinner. These sweet people reached out to us when we moved to California back in 2010 to invite us for Thanksgiving so we didnt spend the holiday alone. They have become like family to us. When we were through with dinner Louise and I went over … Continue reading

A Time of Thankfulness

Eight days and counting. Counting down to the day when most people across the land will be sitting in a home, surrounded by people they love and some that are a little harder than others to love. Of course none of us reading this are “the hard ones to love”! Right? Or are we? After … Continue reading

Cooking & Cleaning

Originally posted on Chocolate Castles:
It’s amazing how “company coming to town” will inspire me to clean house. It’s so easy to look past dusty baseboards and dirty windows. We seem to think that eventually it will rain and get the windows either dirtier which makes us think it’s no use wasting our energy, or the…

Retirement & Insurance

As the weekend approaches and we are getting excited about going to California to visit, we have had a “to do” list that we are checking off little by little. One of the items was to get a RX refilled before leaving town, so today we went to pick it up. As I walked up … Continue reading

Behind Prison Walls

Saturday I had the privilege  of going with a group of women to minister to the Crain Unit, Women’s Prison in Gatesville, TX. There were about 25 of us and as we arrived, we went through the routine of normal checking in when entering as a visitor going into a prison. Because this was a Federal prison, the … Continue reading