Ding Dong Delicious Chocolate Cake

For Jaden’s birthday cake, he wants an ice cream cake. He wants me to make it so have been looking for something other than just the regular one. When Jaden saw this one on my FB page, he said, “this is the one”. It consists of filling, cake layers and frosted with chocolate frosting and … Continue reading

Granma In A Minivan

Why do I forget all the things that happen to me when I visit these little darlings? You would think that even if my memory failed me that I would learn to write a diary of my visits. But I guess it is like childbirth. When I get home, all I remember is the sweet … Continue reading

Sizzling Cupcakes

Still in Arizona and when we get a minute to relax, after the 3 kids are given a half bottle each of Benydryl, (we just knew that they were going to get a runny nose so we were prepared, so we loaded up on it at CVS) and are sleeping ever so soundly, we turn … Continue reading

Italian Hoagie on a Stick

Am visiting Jodi and Erics for a few days. Am finding that if I want gluten, I had better make a run to the nearest Subway. Jodi has been trying to stay off gluten which means that anyone in this household will be drooling over the pizza ads and driving by the hamburger joints. When … Continue reading

Texas Tacos

After 3 hours in the air and descended into San Antonio, I walked into the terminal from the plane, I knew what I would be having. Tex Mex. that makes 3 times this week I have had variations of Mexican food, each wonderful in its own way. The tacos that were served to me were … Continue reading

Traveling To Texas

Headed to Texas tomorrow. Land of the best Mexican food, Diet Dr Peppers and Blue Bell ice cream. Will be home November 1st, but will be posting whenever possible. Between trying to fit in all my favorite restaurants, visiting family and friends, I will be scouting for new recipes. Keep cooking, keep smiling and share a … Continue reading

Black Magic Cake

Years ago when I was working at a title company, one of my coworkers would bring this cake to the office quite frequently. It was always a hit. Today I came across the recipe he had given to all of us and thought it to be the perfect chocolate cake for those Halloween parties or … Continue reading

English Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake

 A friend and I just went to Beckham Grill for lunch. They ask if we would like to see the dessert menu. Why do they even bother to ask 2 women that question when they know the answer. We decided to get out of our comfort zone of always ordering chocolate molten cake or crème … Continue reading

Cheese Stuffed Chicken Roll Ups

Having some test done last week, I had to fast from liquids and food. Why is it that during those times, every food magazine that I subscribe arrives during those fasting hours. Every recipe looks divine and you promise yourself that as soon as the test is over you will head to the kitchen and bake … Continue reading