Florida Fun Facts

We have been in Florida since last Monday. Traveling from Destin to Orlando Thursday, we decided to stop in Tallahassee for lunch. We noticed a sign directing us to Sonny’s Barbeque which had places on Exit 202 and 203. Pulling into the parking lot, which was totally packed, we decided to get our order to go and keep on driving. When we ordered sandwiches, we were given the choice of having our chopped brisket and pulled pork on buns or garlic bread. We both decided on the garlic bread. WOW, WHAT A GREAT DECISION!!!! Both sandwiches were just the best Barbeque and then to have the meat between 2 pieces of grilled garlic bread was just too much! We were in Barbeque heaven. Seriously, if you are in Florida, do yourself a favor and find a Sonny’s Barbeque!

Today, we took our first air boat ride at Wild Florida in Kenansville. What a great afternoon of being swirled around the swamps in an airboat. When we rounded a marsh, we saw vultures circling overhead. Because my 5 yr old precious little granddaughter, Kenley, had told me, on our trip there that I would be going to Heaven today, I began to wonder if she had super powers or if God had spoken to her, when I sat in the airboat watching the vulture circle over our heads. But we made it back to shore after seeing a few crocodile and beautiful blue herons. Because this is Wild Florida, there were animals, much like being at the zoo. Kenley, of course, wanted to go to the petting zoo, hold a baby crocodile, which she did. After a few minutes of walking along the path to see the animals, I had to turn back. There were so many lizards running back and forth across the path, which made me so frantic that I had to just go sit in the souvenir shop, which was full of fake alligators of all sizes. If you have never been on an airboat, treat yourself. Yesterday we went to Lake Apopka WildLife Drive which is free and we saw a minimum of 30 alligators, up close and personal. Some of the birds which were there were the blue heron, a snake bird and several species I cannot remember the names, but there were professional bird watchers there with some of the largest cameras I have seen, so you know that it is a great place if watching birds is your thing. We leave Monday for Hilton Head. Will post more on restaurants which we find, in a couple of days.
Tomorrow, have a glorious day celebrating our Risen Lord and the sacrifice He made for you and for me. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have ever lasting life,” John 3:16 Happy Easter

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