Recipes From The Road

Yesterday I said that I would post some recipes which we came across while traveling through the East these few weeks. We have eaten at Hudson’s twice while in Hilton Head. Their seafood is just so good. They serve this slaw which they share the recipe on the back of the take away menu. 7 … Continue reading

Three Sisters Salad

During our vacation in California these past 4 weeks, I had time to go through a friends stack of cooking magazines (which is one of my favorite things to do) and ended up taking a armload of them to make copies! So I came home with lots of new recipes that are on my “to … Continue reading

Shrimp Salad

Yesterday I wrote that I would post the Shrimp salad if the ladies liked it. It was a success. In fact, it really was such a hit that one of the ladies took the rest of it home. I ended up serving it in hollowed out avocado and it was such a refreshing summer salad. … Continue reading

Slips & Salads

Being responsible for lunch today for a ladies Bible study, I decided to make shrimp salad and tomato mozzarella salad. At the last minute, I decided instead of making shrimp pasta salad, I would stuff avacados with the shrimp, so ran up to Kroger to buy avacados about 9:30 this morning. Being sure that I … Continue reading

Broccoli Cauliflower Salad

I’m stepping out of my dessert mode for a day and posting a recipe that I love to make during the summer. I have discovered that I like broccoli raw, more than cooked.  So this recipe is a favorite of mine. Sometimes, I add a chopped green onion for more color and a 1/2 of … Continue reading

Italian Bread Salad

Toasted Bread 1 loaf of 2 day old country Italian or sourdough bread extra-virgin olive oil Dressing 2 cloves garlic, minced 1/4 cup red wine vinegar 1/2 cup EVOO Salt and pepper to taste Salad 1 container red grape tomatoes, or 4 or 5 vine ripened tomatoes, chopped 1/2 container yellow cherry tomatoes, halved 1 … Continue reading

Veggie Lovers Combo Salad

Summer time, summer time, sum sum summertime! Salads are made for the summer! This is taken from Taste of Home and is a great way to use the summer bounty of fresh veggies. 2 cups cut fresh green beans 2 cups fresh or frozen peas, thawed 2 medium sweet red or yellow peppers, chopped 2 … Continue reading

Summer Salad

Why am I obsessed with pasta salads? While at my daughter’s house in Phoenix, babysitting the precious little darlings, I had about 2 minutes to sit down one night before I fell asleep and found this in a Better Homes & Garden. I couldn’t wait to get home to make it. 1/2 cup olive oil … Continue reading