White Chocolate Pineapple Mousse

When looking through all my recipes, I realized that I never post any recipe that is made  white chocolate. Yes, I do know that white chocolate is really not “real” chocolate, but, it still has a fabulous flavor, especially when mixed with whipping cream.   Taken from one of my Southern Lady magazines, 1 small … Continue reading

Cowboys, Pearls and Jerky

It is good to be home. Good to be able to have big hair, sunshine, no wind or humidity and not a Tex-Mex restaurant to be found, to tempt me every day and gain back every pound I had lost to go to Texas. It was good  to come home before I had to buy … Continue reading

Sunday In Newport

What a gorgeous day we had today. Began our day at church, where we were so blessed and then headed down to Newport to take in the wonderful sunshine and scout out some new restaurants for when Don and Janece come in from Dallas next month. Randy had had me google seafood restaurants in Newport … Continue reading

Pesto Bread

We were up at Big Bear, the weekend before it became the focus of a manhunt for a cop killer which I’m sure you have heard about. One of the friends up there one night cooked meatball soup and pesto bread. It was wonderful. She made little meatballs and dropped them in a hug pot … Continue reading

Houston’s Key Lime Pie

We hit a home run. Yesterday, I had said on FB that we wanted Houston’s Key Lime pie, which is our top favorite pies in the world and because it was Valentines and I just knew I would earn more points if I was showing my “thriftiness” by trying to make one at home instead … Continue reading

Happy Valentines Day

You are seeing a new look to Chocolate Castles today. Be patient with me, as I am working out the kinks and since I am old, it is taking me longer to do that…hope your Valentines evening is filled with wonderful food, great desserts and sweet new memories. 

Chocolate Strawberry Eclair Fantasy

This amazing recipe came in on Fri on Just A Pinch Post and I just had to pass it on. It is just like a huge eclair filled with yummy strawberries and chocolate. What a way to begin Valentines Week….. 3/4 c water 6 Tbsp butter  get recipes @ goboldwithbutter.com 3/4 cup all -purpose flour 1/8 … Continue reading