WaterMelon Tacos

While in the store two days ago, I was buying lettuce when  couple walk up and are standing by me buying lettuce. They begin to talk of getting everything they need to make Watermelon Tacos. I asked them what in the world that was and they told me that, “oh they are wonderful, you have … Continue reading

Life In Phoenix

As most of you know, I am in Phoenix, caring for grandkids while Jodi and Eric just brought Noah Michael into the world last Thursday. While Noah is just the most precious little blessing, this has been a huge reminder that I am not 40 anymore. Caring for a 2 yr old and a 10 … Continue reading

Swoon Pies (much like a Whoopie Pie)

These aren’t as cake as whoopee pies and the filling is just so good. Got these out of a Southern Living Magazine and they make 1 dz that is the perfect  little snack with coffee or iced tea or coke, or hot tea, well, you get the idea…they taste great with just about anything. 1 … Continue reading

Jane’s Chicken Fonda

When I am in Corpus visiting my parents, I stay with long-time friends of my parents who treat me like a daughter. Jane cooks for me and always sends me home with new recipes. She is a great cook with a passion to have everyone feel at home, when they walk in her door. This … Continue reading

Slow-Cooker Swiss Steak

Again, taken out of an old Southern Living, this recipe is so good and so easy and perfect for those nights when you are gone all day but want to come home to a comfort dinner. 1 1/2 lbs round steak, cut into pieces *you could substitute chicken if you are trying not to eat … Continue reading

Happy Easter

It is Good Friday. As I sit here and think about what God, in all His Glory, did for us so that we might live victoriously forever, it amazes me that Sunday, we will celebrate a Risen Savior who truly is in the world today. Last night, our Bible Study group had a meal together, … Continue reading

Strawberry Triffle

Made this wonderful truffle for Sunday dinner to take to a luncheon! It was wonderful and so easy to prepare. It started with a strawberry bread which I had made a week or so before leaving town and froze. Layered with instant pudding, whipping cream, strawberries and a strawberry glaze with the cubed strawberry bread, … Continue reading

Bacon-Brown Sugar Brussels Sprouts

These accompanied a fried shrimp dinner I cooked on Tues night and we both loved them. Very different from the normal “broiled with olive oil and garlic” ones that have become a fav, but the little hint of sugar took away any bitterness and went perfectly as the side for the fried shrimp. (yes, I … Continue reading

Wild Rice Casserole

Am back from Texas where I feasted on fried shimp, Whataburger, Luby’s and the best of all, Kiko’s mexican food, my all time favorite since the late 1970’s…just remarkable mexican food like no other. But this week has found me looking for a few new recipes to cook for Easter Sunday. It is hard to … Continue reading