Christmas Whimps

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Yesterday we found out that putting Christmas décor away is kinda like Thanksgiving dinner. It took days to get it out and put the décor in just the right places, but it only took one day to pack it up. Now mind you, we didn’t intend to do it in…

King Herod,Scribe or Wiseman?

Just returning from Christmas Eve service, we are sitting in the house, waiting for bread to rise, kids to arrive and watching a rain storm descend upon us. Most of us have our meals planned, probably have most of it prepared and are just waiting for that special time when the houses are full of … Continue reading

Rodelle Gooey Fudge Brownies

If you are looking for a deep, rich brownie that really steps it up a notch or 5 from box brownies, this is your brownie. I made these the other day for an open house and they were a hit. Of course, the fudge frosting that was swirled on top probably added a couple of … Continue reading

Three French Hens

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To continue the tradition, I had to buy 3 hens today, which spoke French. But before I let them show off for you, I have to give you a quick overview of my day. This has not been the best Christmas Eve Eve. Frosty is sick with bronchitis and since I am really…

Sister Schubert Roll Sandwiches

This week I hosted a Gingerbread Open House for ladies which live here in our community.  Trying to serve foods which were a little different from all the regular dishes which are served at open houses, at the last minute decided to try this. Because we are Sister Schubert roll addicts, I decided to serve … Continue reading

Retirement for Dummies

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We have just completed our first week of Frosty’s retirement. All our friends have been asking him the last couple of years when he was going to retire. His answer was always the same, “I don’t know if I will ever retire” Every time we are leaving Walmart and the…

Christmas Blessings

This morning as I was scrolling through my FaceBook page, several memories came across from 2012 that made me just sit back and reflect on several things. First of all, it made me miss everyone who was a part of our lives back in 2012, but also reminded me of God’s goodness, as we move … Continue reading

Christmas Chatter

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Last night I texted (yes, I am one of those who prefers to text than use the telephone, although that does make me sound pretty cool and hip I guess) both of our daughters and told them that they needed to step it up a notch. Yesterday,  I had a…

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Streusel Muffins

Tomorrow morning I’m having some ladies from church for a breakfast! The menu will include breakfast casserole, warm fruit compote, Pumpkin scones and these wonderful pumpkin muffins which will have Trader Jo’s pumpkin butter along side.  They are the perfect size to have with the other items and so very easy to make.  You can … Continue reading

Christmas Around the LazyBoy

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Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night; which seems like it comes faster and faster. The nights that is. I remember some years ago, not that many, actually, when I used to think, “well, I will get all the chores done during the day that need doing plus…