Eating Our Way Thru Florida

The adventure has begun. We are on our way to see how many great new places we can dine in from Texas, up the East Coast, going into Hershey, PA, Richmond, VA, Hilton Head, Outer Banks, Orlando and depending if we can still get the seat belts around us, who knows where before heading back to our new home in Mesa, AZ. We figure that one day soon we will probably be hearing “you have got to quit eating everything besides kale & fish” from our Dr, so we want to make the best of the time we have before hearing those words. Because people tell me to post the places where we eat, I am keeping track of the ones which I would recommend. So this post will cover the restaurants here in Destin, FL. As we drive through the different states, we will be posting places which we love. Of course, there will be times, like today when we revert to just some good ole favorites, like Whataburger which us what we had today for lunch.

Another Broken Egg on Highway 98, Destin

Try the Fried Green Tomato BLT…it is served with a great pesto mayo which was just delicious. Randy opted for the tradition bacon & eggs! BORING! But he paid, so I have to include his choice.

Boshamps on Highway 98 (everything but the beach is on 98, which is why the traffic is crazy here now)
Honestly we both said that we have never had oysters like we had last night.
Incredible, delicious, awesome, Can you tell we loved them. It is a recipe that has won them best oysters for the past few years! They are baked with carmelized onions, crumbled bacon and feta cheese. Absolutely so good we were tempted to just order more for our dinner, but we decided that if they were that good, we had to try other items to see how they faired. Randy ordered grilled halibut with salad which he loved. I ordered a veggie plate of squash casserole, greens with bacon glaze, red potatoes and butter beans. Each veggie came in their own little iron skillet and were seasoned so beautifully.

Tonight we are headed to Mitchell’s Fish Market. Guess where it is? That’s right, Highway 98. Will post a recommendation if it tastes as good as it looks. It is a beautiful restaurant, so on our last evening in Destin, we will celebrate the beginning of our East Coast Adventure. Tomorrow we head to Orlando where we will visit our kids and make some new memories with them before heading to Hilton Head.

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