Pistacio Cake

This cake is so much better than the one we used to make all the time in the 80’s..we were invited over for dinner to some friends house last Sunday evening and when she brought this cake out and set it on the counter, my mouth began to water. The frosting in this cake is … Continue reading

Mess In the Midst

This morning we woke up to the doorbell ringing at 7:15. Randy told me that he had not seen me move that fast in 20 years. I am one of those that think about things like, will I have on make-up and a “wouldn’t mind being caught in this outfit” outfit in case of rapture, … Continue reading

Pimiento-Cheese Scones

This has really been fun going through magazines, some dating back to the early 90’s and tearing out some that I had never noticed before tossing the magazine away. This is a new side of me, actually getting rid of old magazines. I promised hubby that I would really try to start doing that so … Continue reading

Saturday Mornings

I know I’m not alone in loving Saturday mornings. They are the mornings that make it feel like a holiday. It is the one morning that you can sleep in without guilt, although, it is the one morning that I seem to wake up earlier than the other days. Going to bed Friday evenings, as … Continue reading

Decadent Chocolate Pecan Pie

This recipe caught my attention because it was different from the other chocolate pecan pie recipes I have made in the past. Taken from Paula Deen magazine, it has a layer of dark chocolate as the bottom layer. I couldn’t even wait until it cooled off before tasting it. It is scrumptious. Took a couple … Continue reading

Garage Guru

We are in our second full month of retirement season. We consider ourselves very lucky in that we are still speaking, no holes have been put in the walls nor has 48 Hours had to be called out to cover a story of Southern Fried Homicide. We have actually formed a little routine of personal … Continue reading

High Maintence Momma

Truly, I do not understand why these things happen to me. I am trying to figure out if the clumsy fairy just follows me around, or am  I just that uncoordinated? The day began just like an ordinary day. We drove down to San Diego to go visit a church where we love the pastor. Since we are … Continue reading

Hills & Valley’s

Finding this while packing today reminded me of what I should be doing. Not worrying about what God has planned for us in the future, but trusting Him day by day. In this study, Living God’s Will, led by Debbie Stuart back in 2009, she had placed pictures in the middle of each table of … Continue reading

Packing Leads to Weight Gains

I have heard all my life that exercise is so good for us and will take pounds off. When we decided to begin packing, I got so excited about getting a little more exercise, other than what I get from jumping up and down when I pass a new level on Candy Crush. I just … Continue reading

The Joy of Chocolate

This cook book…The Joy of Chocolate is the same one I talked about re: the chocolate buttermilk cake the other day.  Yesterday, I made this new chocolate-coffee pound cake. It is half gone already. I took some to 3 different friends and all of them have texted me saying that it is absolutely amazing. It is. … Continue reading