Different View of Valentines

Isn’t it great to read the different ways people celebrate Valentines? I truly enjoy scrolling through FB and seeing the restaurants where couples are celebrating the special day. The flowers that grace the different tables, as  we imagine the smell of the roses that sweethearts have brought home.  Boxes full of candy that are ripped … Continue reading

Sausage,Spinach & Sweet Potato Soup

IT is a beautiful day here in Arizona and we are preparing to leave for a party where there will be a tremendous amount of food to consume during Super Bowl. To allow our clothes to be a little loose so we won’t have to unzip our pants during the party, we ate soup for … Continue reading

Trudicita Makes Salsa

Going to the local farmer’s market on Monday got me in the mood to be daring and make my own salsa. For some reason, that is one of those things that I always meant to do,but never did. I guess because there was always a plethora of Tex-Mex restaurants close by, I opted for spending … Continue reading