Oven-Fried Cauliflower

Everywhere I go, friends are substituting cauliflower for potatoes. I have to admit, that I have actually mashed cauliflower and seasoned it as you would potatoes and served it without really missing the mashed potato taste too much. Of course, with enough cheese in anything, it taste good, right? But this caught by eye and … Continue reading

Pumpkin Fruit Dip

Peter Pumpkin and Penelope were in charge of treats at church today. Knowing that I wanted to take a tray of green/red sliced apples on a platter around a bowl of fruit dip, I went in search of a new dip. When I came across this one, I decided that it was the one that … Continue reading

Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Windows are open, the Tunnel of Fudge cake I made yesterday is long gone (no I didn’t eat it by myself, I had a little help from my friends, which reminds me of a little song..although if they were truly my friends, they wouldn’t have eaten so much and left more for me.) so today … Continue reading

Gas Station Blues

The windows are open today and Fall is in the air. I came home before finishing errands, as I was just to embarrassed to even be seen on the street. I was afraid someone would recognize me from the gas station. Now, before you laugh or think, “how in the world could she be that … Continue reading

Dressed Up Chicken

In an old SLM, Oct 2003, there was a recipe that has caught my eye, 10 years later. Using canned biscuits as the bread bowl that holds the chicken mixture that makes a very simple dinner, the individual little bowls make dinner personal and elegant. Substitute turkey for the chicken to use leftover turkey in … Continue reading

Recipe Correction

In Tunnel of Fudge cake, I inadvertently posted 3/4 cup and it should have read, 3/4 pound (3 sticks) Sorry for any confusion…regular recipe has been corrected. Thanks, Trudy

Paula Deen’s Tunnel Of Love Fudge Cake

During the dinosaur age, known as the 70’s and 80’s, there was a cake that became so popular that you couldn’t go to any social gathering without being served a piece of Tunnel of Fudge cake. It was all the rave and people just couldn’t get enough of this gooey and yummy cake. I like to think … Continue reading

Meatless Monday

Since I have been busy putting up fall trees around the house today, I warned hubby that dinner would be very simple tonight because I just can’t quit until all the decorations are out of the storage tub and out in their proper places around the house. Decided to put a veggie soup in the … Continue reading

Pennsylvania Dutch Apple Pie

Looking up a recipe for a friend, I came across this pie recipe that I had forgotten. It is so simple and it will make you the star of the show when you bring it to any holiday dinner. BTW, I want to pass along a tip. A friend came to dinner the other night, … Continue reading

Frosty Goes to Steinmart

I can’t believe it! Today, after we had 12 people for breakfast, Mr. Peter Pumpkin said, and I quote, “do you want to make a quick trip to Steinmart?” Well, you don’t have to ask me twice….so off we go. What is he thinking? Doesn’t he know that to take me to Steinmart is dangerous? … Continue reading