Bus Rides, Bucket Lists & Bougainvilleas

Well, we ate our way through Puerta Vallarta and discovered that if we lived there we would loose weight. (I know, I say that about every place I visit). Because the shrimp and lobster were so delicious and it was easier to walk than try to run to catch a taxi, we actually lost a … Continue reading

Mexico Myths

Here we are in beautiful Puerta Vallarta with some dear friends enjoying the gift of friendship, great food, gorgeous sunrises, sunsets and beaches!  We have discovered that all the ideas we had of what this would be like was totally unfounded. Because all I had experienced had been border towns where we use to drive for … Continue reading

Baking, Math & Grandkids

Originally posted on Chocolate Castles:
It finally happened. Last night, I was sitting there watching Wheel of Fortune (oops, I mean Extra,makes me sound much more hip)) when my phone rings and my grandson is FaceTiming me. I answered and out popped out of his mouth, “Nana, can you help me, I have a problem”…

Words & Wonder

Saturday morning I went to a brunch where friends from our Bible Study gathered together around the dining table to share some great food and to share the word that the Lord had given to us for 2017. About 4 years ago a dear friend use to tell us about having a “word” that she … Continue reading

Cappuccino Crinkles

Looking for a new cookie recipe, I came across this one in Better Homes & Gardens Bars & Cookies recipe book.  Since I didn’t have any yogurt, I substituted sour cream. What I can tell you is that Randy and I ate so many of them as they cane out of the oven that I … Continue reading

Petsmart Prince

Last week we were so excited about going to California to visit friends and spend NYE celebrating with folks who are so special to us. Before we left, we began to think about what we would do with Oliver. If you remember reading when we first got him, you will know that I have never … Continue reading

Thanks For The Memories

Happy New Year! Randy and I are in California for a few days celebrating the blessings from 2016, but also looking forward to what 2017 has in store. As most of you know, leaving California in 2014 was one of the hardest things we had done, after living here for almost 4 years. Those four … Continue reading