Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight

Even though this is the title to an old song it describes our weather here in Phoenix today and all this week. Since today is father’s Day and we are having a pretty heavy meal of chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy and hot rolls for dinner,I wanted it to and on the … Continue reading

Adjusting to Arizona

We have been here since April 19th and in our new house since May 11th. Maybe it’s because we are old and not as easy to adjust to new surroundings, but my goodness, how young would we need to be to adjust to the heat, and yards adorned with nothing but rocks and cacti? Also, … Continue reading

Old Man In Ojai

Originally posted on Chocolate Castles:
Yesterday we planned a trip to go explore a new place about a 2 hour drive from our house. It is a beautiful little town nestled in the valley just east of Santa Barbara. Friends have told us that we just have to go and see this place, as it…

Police, DMV & Storage

Originally posted on Chocolate Castles:
Yesterday didn’t turn out exactly like I had planned. I had studied the DMV handbook until I knew every question that might be ask of me on the written test. It was going to be exciting to tell my kids, who think that ” poor mom can’t remember anything anymore”…

VBS Is A Life Saver

Originally posted on Chocolate Castles:
My daughter called this morning on her way home from dropping Caleb, our 3 year old grandson off at Vacation Bible School. I asked her, ‘oh I thought he went last week to VBS” and she politely told me he did, but this was another one.  In the sweetest little…

SouthernWestern Hospitality

It is time to speak up. During my 60 years of living in Texas, you hear and observe hospitality in many different ways. When we lived in California for about 5 yrs off and on, we discovered that hospitality certainly was alive and well in the neighborhoods where we lived, even though we lived in … Continue reading

Discoveries, Dislocated Shoulders & Dishes

Since the last blog, May 22nd, there have been quite a few lessons learned. We have discovered where the nearest Hospital in Mesa is located, we can eat for weeks out of paper plates and…Randy dislocating his shoulder with 2 fractures will not slow us down, ok, maybe a tiny bit, but he has learned … Continue reading