Camping Out In The City

We have been in our house for 12 days. If I remember correctly from all the Bible Studies I have done, I remember that the number 12 (in Hebrew) meant “complete”. But in Mesa, apparently it just means, 3 more nights until we are out of the air mattress And into a bed. After these … Continue reading

Dumpster Diva

We have quite a few things to learn about living in an over 55 community. This morning was one for the history books. We woke up feeling so “at home” in our new place, even though we do not get our furniture until the 24th. But we have grown accustomed to our borrowed lawn chairs … Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

Last night was the first night in our new place. Of course, we are still without furniture, but thank the Lord, air mattresses have come along way since we first “”camped out” in a new house before furniture is delivered. We are the proud owners of a house in an over 55 community. We like … Continue reading