Peanut Butter Blondie

In Cooking With Paula Deen’s Thanksgiving magazine, I read over this recipe and just finished taking it out of the oven. Could not wait for it to cool to taste, so my mouth has a burn spot, but it was worth it.  So perfect for those Fallish nights when you are thinking to yourself, “what … Continue reading

Pumpkin Trifle

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a luncheon at a friends house who made this most delicious trifle in individual little trifle dishes. She said that it was fine if I shared it. Thanks Teresa, the food was awesome as was all the laughter. 1 (14 oz) box of gingerbread mix (or … Continue reading

Peter Pumpkin Not Allowed in Walmart

Originally posted on Chocolate Castles:
Today was the last straw. I will never EVER ask Randy if he wants to go with me to Walmart, much less on a weekend.  I have noticed that he is always a little to excited when I ask him if he would like to go, after all, what husband…

Dumpster Diving Days Delayed

Im so thankful for computers, chocolate and Castle reruns as I won’t be sticking my head out the door for a few days. After yesterday, it will be awhile before I show my face out in our neighborhood. Let me start at the beginning. Our community has a garage sale every year. It was so … Continue reading

Bobblehead & Golf Carts

Taking the little grand boys to the Dollar Store the other day to let them go wild with $5, I happened upon a scarecrow that I decided I just could not live without. You know the ones, which are solar powered, just made for the dashboard of the car! Well, Sammy Scarecrow came home with … Continue reading

Shooting Stars

Last night Randy and I went outside about 10:30 to walk Oliver before calling it a night. As we were walking, I was glancing at my phone to look up something on Google to get information about something we had been talking about. As I finished reading the article, I stopped walking and turned to … Continue reading

Pumpkin & Cream Cheese Muffins

These will be called Cupcakes in our house, as I am so not a muffin person, but would eat these no matter what they are called. If they are not served and waiting for us at the Wedding Feast in Heaven, I don’t know what would be….they are heavenly! I ate one with butter melted … Continue reading

Cauliflower VS Chocolate

I learned something yesterday. I learned that when I posted the recipe for oven-fried cauliflower, it got the 2nd highest views my blog has ever received. It was shocking to see that a veggie would… Source: Cauliflower VS Chocolate