A Florida Thanksgiving

We are here visiting our kids in Orlando. We Probably won’t be asked back until their memories allow them to forget what it’s like to have seniors come for the holidays. I feel like we are living the Griswalds Christmas Vacation movie, minus the Christmas tree. Since our arrival on Wednesday evening, we have witnessed … Continue reading

Frosty Cancels Storage Unit

Frosty has decided that if we just line up the boxes that hold all of our Christmas treasures, all along the walls of our house, we can save money by cancelling our storage unit. Right now, I’m not feeling like Frosty is one of my blessings! if our house gets broken into, the burglar would … Continue reading

Pumpkin Cranberry Cheesecake

Quite a few years ago, at a bookstore in Dallas, there was this little paperback titled, “Holiday Celebrations Cookbook” on a table for $1.00. I bought all they had. I’ve given all of them away except I kept one as the recipes in it are really so good and some of them very unusual. This … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Observance

As Thanksgiving Day quickly approaches, kitchens will be busy, tables will be filled with loved ones (and maybe a few not quite as easily to love) and families will be gathering. Remembering those who live miles away, and those we serve our country and cannot be gathered together with families, this poem will remind us that we … Continue reading

Caution…Storage Trips May Lead to Divorce

I am not saying that when you and your husband or wife go to storage you will automatically get a divorce, but let’s just say that if your marriage isn’t real solid, you might want to stay away from getting Christmas decorations from storage units. Don’t make the trips together…trust me on this, your marriage … Continue reading

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

A few years back, a dear friend, Debbie had a team of ladies from church to her home for lunch. We quickly filled up on this fudge before she had a change to put the main meal in front of us. We just stood at the cooking bar and kept munching on the fudge. It … Continue reading

Pecan Pie Mini Cupcakes

Found these on FaceBook the other day and decided they looked so good I had to try them, and try I have….about 10 times. These little gems are like eating a piece of pecan pie. Took them when we had dinner last night with some friends and the ladies have all requested the recipe…I can … Continue reading

The Scents of Thanksgiving

At 3:30 am I woke up to put a turkey in the oven. By 6:30, the house began to smell like a typical Thanksgiving morning. As I sit here, waiting for the turkey to finish baking and the giblets to magically transform into gravy, so many thoughts are racing through my head. Our Sunday School … Continue reading

Cranberry Cupcakes

What a novel idea. Why had I not thought of these? When I opened the new Food Network Magazine, there they were. So simple and what a great dessert to serve through the holidays. Use them with a pretty little Thanksgiving pick and then place the name cards in front of the pick to welcome … Continue reading

Sausage & Wild Rice Stuffing

We are ten days from tasting some of the most flavorful foods of the season.  One of my most favorite foods is stuffing. I love bread stuffing, cornbread stuffing and rice stuffing. If it’s stuffed, I love it. This recipe is from days long ago. A family friend use to stuff her turkeys with this … Continue reading