Dishwasher Madness

(I know in the scheme of things  this certainly does not rank up in the top 1000 of things that I should be writing about or even admitting that emptying the dishwasher is just one of the things that drives me crazy. But it does. I don’t mind loading it, but I put off emptying … Continue reading

Summer Fruit Cake

Going through a old spiral notebook that I began when I married in 1973, I found this recipe which my neighbor gave me when she moved in a few houses down from me. She was from Lampasas, Tx and was a really good cook. We would sit in the yard watching the kids play and … Continue reading

Summer Sweets

A friend of mine has asked me to contribute a easy summer recipe for her blog. I thought it best to give her a choice of 3 great refreshing desserts. This first one, the Cheesecake Filled Strawberries, I found on Pinterest. They look so pretty and they are so easy to put together. Can’t wait … Continue reading

Memories & Memorial Day

This past year has brought some new feelings regarding Memorial Day. Besides Randy’s father, who served in WW2, I had really never had any connections to anyone who had served in any of the wars. This year changed my thoughts of gratitude towards people who had served and sacrificed so much for all of us. … Continue reading

Full Moon, Phone Calls & Cleaning

Originally posted on Chocolate Castles:
There was a full moon last night and history was made. All 5 of our kids and one daughter-in-law called. It wasn’t my birthday, and way past Mothers Day and as far as I can remember, only one of those kids have a birthday coming up. The only thing I…

When Words Fail You, Pies Never Do

I just saw those words in a Taste of Home magazine over an advertisement for Lucky Leaf Blueberry Pie filling. As I sat there and pondered (and yes, I know, I need to get a life more than dissecting and trying to find meaning through recipes) that statement, I remembered that all the years growing … Continue reading

Trudy’s Travel Truths

As Randy and I were driving back to Texas from Arizona the past two days, we reflected on several things that I thought might be fun to share. Driving through the desert in Arizona and New Mexico, one has LOTS of time to think, especially when someone falls asleep the minute he is the passenger and … Continue reading

Buffalo Wing Pork Chops

A couple of nights ago our son-in-law made dinner for us. Randy and I walked in Tues night to the best aroma coming from the kids kitchen. We walked over to the stove and saw great looking pork chops. Eric told us that he had found the recipe on a blog that listed 15 simple … Continue reading

Aquatic Exercise vs Baking

As I have shared with you, we are in Phoenix with our kids and have experienced quite a few new things this week. First of all, my daughter drug me to her aquatic exercise class yesterday morning. So not only did I show up in my old lady bathing suit, (you know the one with the … Continue reading

Designer Underwear

We are in Phoenix visiting our kids…last night we spent the night in Las Cruces,NM. After Randy took his shower,he walks out of the bathroom (now this is a picture you want etched in your mind forever)and holding up a pair of clean underwear,proceeds to say,”what happened to my new underwear?” As I sat there … Continue reading