Christmas Chocolate Cookies

I have decided that this Christmas season, every recipe will have the “Christmas” in it. That way, not only will it remind me that each and every day I need to be focused on the “Christ” in Christmas but also, it just makes the recipe sound so much better. Take these cookies, if they were … Continue reading

Countdown to Christmas

Hope you have noticed the new look to the blog. When my son was here for Thanksgiving, he helped me to put a new look to the homepage. I am so grateful to his computer knowledge, while I do good to just write on the blog. Thanks, Jason, I love the look and the pictures … Continue reading

Post Thanksgiving Blues

It’s almost here, the hour that both cars will pull out of the driveway and head home. Back to reality. Back to cooking for two. Back to having no toys to step over, no dishes in the sink, after I have cleaned up 14 times since lunch. No background Little Einstiens, no sharing my iPad, … Continue reading

Soft Molasses Cookies

At this moment, the house is quiet. The kids that are already here have gone to Universal and the rest won’t come in until tomorrow. Thought I would take advantage of this quiet afternoon and get the cornbread made and get some cookies made for the rest of the week. After all, pumpkin and/or pecan … Continue reading

Sour Cream Pumpkin Coffee Cake

If you are like me, your pantry has about 5-8 cans of pumpkin just sitting there waiting to be used in all types of new and exciting recipe this week. When I came across this one, it just yelled out to me, “make me, make me” so I did. It has a delicious streusel topping … Continue reading

Easiest Homemade Rolls EVER!

When I had some ladies over for dinner last Tuesday, they could not believe that we were having homemade dinner rolls. A couple of them wanted to know what brand they were because they said that they were the best and wanted to buy them for Thanksgiving. When I told them they were homemade their … Continue reading

New & Improved Green Bean Casserole

When I opened up my link to the Pioneer Woman’s blog  today and saw this recipe, I knew it would be on my table next Thursday. I have never been a real fan of the “casserole” that America feels like it is not really Thanksgiving without this sitting on the table beside the sweet potatoes. … Continue reading

7 Days To Go

The excitement is building. Each and every time I am in the store, you can spot the people who think that they are in there for the last time before Turkey Day. They have their “list” in their hands and the smug look on their faces reveal that they think that they are so smart … Continue reading

Dinner For Moms

Tonight I am hosting a dinner for about 10 young moms who are so excited to be getting away from kids (and probably hubbies, but don’t tell the husbands that)  to come allow me to serve them. It is always a joy to have precious young women who are sleep deprived, frazzled and just tired … Continue reading