On The Road Again

In the same time that it takes us to go from Dallas to El Paso, we have traveled from Houston to Lousiana, Mississippi, (It makes me so proud to still be able to spell that after being out of school 48 years), Alabama and then on into Florida. As we drove through New Orleans, we had stopped to have lunch at Guys Po Boys, but apparently someone was so hungry, they drove their truck through the middle of it, so it was closed. Because I had scraped one tire rim trying to park on the narrow street, Randy said that he didn’t care where we ate now, as long as they had a parking lot and could deliver our lunch in less than 5 min, as we were anxious to get on to Destin. So we stopped at Popeyes for a chicken strip and biscuit. Do not judge us. It was already 2:30 and anything sounded good. Well, not anything, I don’t think that Jack In The Box would even sound good after a 3 day fast.
We arrive in Destin to find that in the few short years since we have been here, it has changed quite a bit. Now, more restaurants to choose from and just a shopping Mecca. Today, Randy wanted us to put our swim suits on and venture out to the pool and walk along the beach. After a struggle of trying to pull up my one piece, I decided then and there that no matter how badly I had to go potty out there, it would just have to wait, knowing that I did not have enough energy to pull it up twice in one day. Guess I have gained a little since last wearing it a few years ago. So with two swimsuit coverups (one did NOT cover near enough) and 3 layers of sun screen, we head out. As beautiful as the beach looked, with the white sands calling to us, we head out to walk on the beach. Maybe we had aged a little more than I thought. All I remember is the both of us, the last time we were here, walking up and down, allowing the sand to just sink between our toes, finally settling to sit along the water’s edge. Now, these short years later, we were not only afraid that if we sat on the sand, it would take a fork lift to get us up. By the time we had walked about a block in the sand, I told Randy that if I walked any further, there was going to be a hip replacement surgery right there on the beach. So we headed back to our “safe” place, beside the pool. We admitted that maybe we were more mountain cold weather people, as we looked better in layers of sweat pants and parkas than we did swim wear. In spite of the years, we will be leaving Destin with great new memories, planning to return one day, IF my hip replacement is successful and we can find swim suits which cover me from my neck to my knees. I wonder if Spanx makes a swimsuit?

2 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. I can so relate about Jack in the Box. Haven’t eaten there since the last time they tried to kill me with their Chicken Salad.


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