Be Still & Know

It is snowing today. Beautiful, peaceful and just the perfect weather to bake. As I was leafing through a basket with old recipes that I have collected through the years from different places and magazines, I came across a story that I had written back in 2002. Randy has been asking me to make cinnamon … Continue reading

Chocolate Yumminess….Miles of Chocolate

I just posted a almost flourless cake and wanted to share something that will save you time and energy. Because sometimes there is nothing that will do except chocolate, but we are either not in the mood to bake or simply don’t like to bake, here is a great little secret. At Whole Foods there … Continue reading

Chocolate Decadence

Since we have friends coming in from California next week, I have been looking through different recipes to see what I will be making while they are here. This one will be the one to welcome them in Saturday evening. Isn’t it always just the best to walk in and smell chocolate? They will feel … Continue reading

Chocolate Cookie Pudding

Being at our daughter’s house last week, I began to look for simple desserts since my son-in-law had informed me before I got there that I was expected to make at least 3 of them while there. This one caught my eye since it would be simple, not many food items to purchase and even … Continue reading

Yoga Van

Just coming back from visiting our daughter and family in Phoenix, I am still trying to figure out why I gained weight over the last week. The entire week I was there, Jodi kept trying to inspire me with her new tales of what exercise class was doing for her and how, if I, would … Continue reading

Happy Valentines Day

Randy gave me the best present ever!!! Today has been just a perfect day so far. It began when he presented me with a gift certificate for a facial and massage and then took me to In & Out. Then…here comes the best part, he let me rearrange the furniture, bringing down our chairs from … Continue reading