Hills & Valley’s

Hills & Valley's

Finding this while packing today reminded me of what I should be doing. Not worrying about what God has planned for us in the future, but trusting Him day by day. In this study, Living God’s Will, led by Debbie Stuart back in 2009, she had placed pictures in the middle of each table of ladies. We were told to pick one picture and write what we felt it signified. Now, 4 years later, this picture is speaking to me in ways that it didn’t then. Never knowing back then that I would be needing to be reminded of what this picture spoke to me then, this is what I had written back in 2009.
“Just what I am trying to learn! In looking ahead, not behind there is always going to be both mountaintops and valleys when traveling life journeys, trying to reach a destination.
We cannot go forward while looking back. The shadow is behind me; what kind of shadow am I leaving behind as I walk to the light ahead.
Unless I let go of the past, I cannot see or arrive at my destination. You cannot see what is over the next hill until you get to the top. That the “rocks” or stones that I must step over build up the soles of my feet. There will be green pastures of rest before getting to the next “rugged” place. Once I reach my next goal, there is still unchartered territory. That the goal in the distance ahead looks blurry from where I am; but will come into focus the closer I get. There is a road to get there. Which road will I take to get where I am being lead? Will it be the road that leads me directly there, reading the road signs that will make the trip easier? Or will I venture out on my own, ignoring the signs that are given me?”
That is always my decision. But we pray that we will choose His way, not ours. I hope that both Randy and I are learning that God always gives us “signs”, sometimes very small and sometimes very distinct. We are trying to learn to listen to the still small voice of God and learn to be obedient to where He guides. The road where He takes us will still have the valleys and hills, but He will always be there to lead, guide and provide what we need for the journey.

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