Garage Guru

We are in our second full month of retirement season. We consider ourselves very lucky in that we are still speaking, no holes have been put in the walls nor has 48 Hours had to be called out to cover a story of Southern Fried Homicide. We have actually formed a little routine of personal space and since we are packing to leave California, heading back to Texas, the energy we use packing takes up lots of vent up anger. Every day Randy heads out the door telling me that he is packing up the garage. What a guy. He spends hours out there. I never realized we had so much in the single car garage behind our condo. But he kept assuring me that it just takes time to organize the things that we had stored out there and he was trying to do the best job at packing the seasonal wreaths and left over car wax. Yesterday I began to feel badly that I was up here in air conditioning while my precious little retired husband was outside in the hot garage working his little fingers to the bone. Being the wonderful wife that I am, I thought I would surprise him with a giant glass of iced tea along with a plate of cookies to show him my appreciation. When I rounded the corner to the garage, what did I behold? There he was, sitting in a recliner that he had ordered from Ebay, watching football on a small tv that we had stored in the garage cabinet. There along the back wall was a small fridge, loaded with candy and cokes. A ceiling fan had been installed. No wonder he didn’t “mind” packing up the garage. He assured me that I just happened to catch him on a break, that he really had been packing. But as I glanced around the garage, I was still seeing wreaths nailed to the walls and the car wax was still on the shelf. I fell for the story he told me that he had begun to park my little car outside because he needed the garage space to keep the boxes for our packing,
I guess we both need a little time to ourselves, no matter where we have to go to get it. When we get settled in our new place in Dallas, I will volunteer to unpack the garage. I’m going to use the recliner to sit and read the “job posting” section of the Dallas newspaper. He would make one fine WalMart greeter!

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