Saturday Mornings

I know I’m not alone in loving Saturday mornings. They are the mornings that make it feel like a holiday. It is the one morning that you can sleep in without guilt, although, it is the one morning that I seem to wake up earlier than the other days. Going to bed Friday evenings, as I am crawling into bed, I get that little “spring”  in my step, just knowing that I can sleep past 7 if I want, but invariably, my eyes open between 6:15-6:30. One of my favorite things is to come into the living room and while covered up with my soft blanket, watch the sunrise coming over the beautiful houses across the street. Since we have windows from ceiling to floor, the view from our condo, which is on the second story, affords us a most spectacular site. The streaks of orange, yellow, pink and blue of the sunrise are great reminders of God’s gorgeous creation that He has given to us to enjoy. We only have 16 more mornings here in California before moving back to Texas and I plan to treasure each and every sunrise from the best seat in town…my window. It also reminds me that we are to look ahead and not behind, as I sometimes do. I need to focus on what lies ahead and know that God has something for us in this new season we are entering.

So whether it is Saturday morning, or Monday or Thursday mornings, may I trust in His unchanging grace and know that as Randy and I leave this most beautiful place, we will go with a “spring” in our step, as we ride off into the sunrise of a new beginning.

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