High Maintence Momma

Truly, I do not understand why these things happen to me. I am trying to figure out if the clumsy fairy just follows me around, or am  I just that uncoordinated? The day began just like an ordinary day. We drove down to San Diego to go visit a church where we love the pastor. Since we are headed back to Texas, we have made a bucket list of things that we want to do before leaving this great state of California. Going to hear David Jeremiah was on that list. We left at 8 a.m. and drove down without incident. In fact, it was a lovely day, sunshine, cool temps and a day planned that was exciting to both of us. We knew that before we headed back to LA we would be looking for a great place to have a nice lunch. Then we would treat ourselves to Moo Creamery, our very favorite ice cream in all the world. The best toasted coconut-chocolate flaked ice cream, EVER! We leave church determined to find the best new seafood place since this would be our last time to be in San Diego for quite some time. Jason, our son calls and tells us where  should go. He tells us that they had eaten at The Fishery with his in-laws last summer and that we would like it. So off we go, after already going to a different place that we didn’t like the menu. We arrive at The Fishery and like the looks of it immediately. We enter and they quickly seat us. So far, so good.

The waitress brings us a lunch menu. I look over it and do not really see anything that catches my eye. I was in the mood for grilled seafood with baked potato and a good salad. All I was seeing were fish tacos and fish baskets with fries. Randy looked at me and knew that I was disappointed. I ask him if he thought we should ask for the dinner menu, maybe it would be different. He agreed. When the waitress came to take our order, I ask her if there was a dinner menu we could look at because we weren’t in the mood for fish and fries or fish tacos. After rolling her eyes, she went over and retrieved dinner menus for us. We looked them over and it was evident that we would be spending $30-$40 per entrée if we ordered off the dinner menu. Knowing that if I spent that much money on lunch might mean that I would go home without ice cream or possibly not being able to buy makeup for a year, I decided that I could just order off the appetizers from the lunch menu. So, our sweet little waitress, who is already getting a little huffy, comes back to take our order.  I apologized for making her bring the dinner menus, but I had found something from the lunch menu after all. I ordered a Caesar Salad and crab cakes. Randy ordered the fish tacos.

My salad comes and she places it in front of me. My eyes focus on two giant (they looked at least 3 ft long) anchovies laying over the top of my salad. Before the waitress can release the bowl, I tell her that she has got to take it away and get rid of those huge, what appears to be jumbo anchovies off my salad. Once again, the rolling of the eyes and grabs the salad back. Randy looks at me and informs me that the anchovies were not 3 ft long, but only 2″.  I inform him that he needs glasses.

My salad, without he huge fish laying on the top, is set in front of me. It now looks great. I am so hungry that I immediately pick up my knife and fork and begin to cut the lettuce. As soon as I attempt this simple feat, my hand slips and as I am trying to cut the lettuce, the knife slips out of my hand and lettuce goes flying through the air. We both just die laughing. I ask him if he thought anyone noticed. He tells me that it would be hard not to notice lettuce flying through the air and he quickly uses his foot to try to  push some of the lettuce under our table. When the waitress brings my crab cakes and his tacos, there was no way they could serve our food without stepping on lettuce. But, because I think by this time they were just trying to hurry an feed us so we would leave, they ignored the acrobatic lettuce and left it laying on the floor. We ate as fast as we could. As soon as we waked out the door, Randy told me that we had eaten there twice, the first and the last. I told him to just add it to the list of the many places that I can no longer show my face. It made me glad I am moving back to Texas where they have restaurants with peanut shells on the floor in  some of the steak places. I think we will give up fish and just eat at the steak restaurants. Hopefully my lettuce will get lost among the peanut shells.  

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