Packing Leads to Weight Gains

I have heard all my life that exercise is so good for us and will take pounds off. When we decided to begin packing, I got so excited about getting a little more exercise, other than what I get from jumping up and down when I pass a new level on Candy Crush. I just knew that all the bending over, packing our stuff, hauling the boxes up and down the stairs and cleaning out all the cabinets to pack would result in a great weight loss. I was wrong.
Because you pay for poundage with the movers, Randy has insisted that we use everything up that we can to empty out the pantry. Everyday, I am baking. We didn’t realize how many 10 lb bags of chocolate chips we had bought over the holidays at Costco were still here. The 20 lb sack of sugar is staring at me every time I open the pantry. By night, we are so tired from lifting, carrying, packing that all we want to do is sit and eat desserts, after cooking up the steaks and roast that we are also trying to use before Feb 15th. As of today, I have gained 5 lbs. It just isn’t suppose to be this way. I thought for sure the scales would show that all the new movement would have given me room to eat a little more sugar than normal, but it just goes to show you that sometimes, life just isn’t fair.
So after we use up all the sugar, cocoa, cream cheese and butter, we are determined to just fill our snack bag for the car with healthy nuts, fruit and some cheese. We will be a little more disciplined, as soon as we make that last stop by Dot’s Cupcakes on the way out of town. To celebrate our great discipline of eating healthy on the road, we might just treat ourselves to a celebratory meal of blue corn enchiladas at The Shed in Sante Fe. But really, after that, Ijust know we will be good. Wait a minute, I forgot about the celebratory meal of Tex Mex food at El Fenix in Texas and going to Paula Deen’s in Savannah. BUT…I’m sure once we get settled in our new home, we will be more determined to eat healthier…after we have our traditional meal of chicken fried steak the first meal we cook, as our first meal in our new home.


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