Mess In the Midst

This morning we woke up to the doorbell ringing at 7:15. Randy told me that he had not seen me move that fast in 20 years. I am one of those that think about things like, will I have on make-up and a “wouldn’t mind being caught in this outfit” outfit in case of rapture, earthquake or unexpected visitors. It dawned on us that the painters were here to paint the kitchen back to the original blah color that it was when we moved in. What happened to the lazy guy who never shows up until the afternoon? When did people start showing up for work at 7 a.m.? I guess I am already getting use to this retirement phase of watching GMA in jammies and finally getting a shower around 10. I just remembered that when I opened the door, I was apologizing to 4 strange men that I had not even brushed my teeth and was worried about what they were thinking. Why do I do that? People that I can’t even carry on a conversation with because I don’t speak Spanish, nor they English and I am standing in my robe half zipped explaining that I didn’t think they would be there that early and I normally don’t answer the door with bad breath or in my robes. They just nodded to the crazy lady standing in the doorway and pushed they way past to the kitchen. I quickly went to take a shower, leaving Randy to answer any questions, not that we would be able to understand them, but we can nod or say “si” and look like we halfway understand what they are asking. I certainly didn’t want them to think that we are the old geezers that sit around in their jammies till noon, drinking coffee and watching The View. Of course, when I came into the living room, finally dressed and with clean teeth, what is Randy doing but sitting there drinking coffee, working on his computer with the TV blaring in the background of The View. Hurridly turning off the TV, I ask Randy “what in the world must they think?” He responded that we would never know because we can’t speak Spanish and we would never see them again, ever, so why was I so worried?
So today, we are taking a break from boxes and from the mess that is all around us. Friends are taking us to lunch. I am going to make sure that the painters see that we have a life and friends and that we eventually do dressed in street clothes. I hope they are still here around 6 when they can see us leave again with “more” friends who are taking us to dinner. That way maybe they will know that we don’t just sit around in the evening, watching Wheel of Fortune in our sweats with a TV tray in front of us. It would be just my luck that they are the ambitious types that will be finished and cleaning up just when we take a break to sit and watch Ellen. I will be sure that on their way out the door, to let them know that we are going OUT to dinner with friends. After all, you never know whose house they might be painting next and we want to leave a good impression. You know how gossipy some people are.

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