Senior Shopping Bags & Senior Moments

Randy and I began with great plans of being such proud little “going green” seniors as we headed out the back door to go grocery shopping. We had laid one of our recyclable bags out so we would not forget to get them off the hook in the garage, which is what happens each week. We always get out of the car at the store and say, “oh shoot, we forgot the reusable bags, oh well, we will be sure to get them next time.” Every week, it’s the same story. But not this week, we purposely laid one on the hood so we would be sure and grab the bags before heading out. And grab we did, we took the bags that make us look like Mr & Mrs Environment Friendly Green All The Way…you know the ones, that have sayings on them such as “Use Me to Help Give Your Kids a Cleaner Tomorrow”. So off we go and as the checker is checking us out, we visit and tell him that we don’t mind him filling the bags up, after all, we are strong and can handle more than 2 cans in a bag.

So we check out, head to the car, I take our basket and put it in the basket return and on my way back to the car, I even offer to take a ladies’ basket for her so I’m sure to get my steps in on my Fitbit. She thanks me and I am feeling ever so nice. We back out and as I am looking in the back seat to help Randy back up (you know, he needs me to help him look) there in the backseat of our car are out reusable bags. Neither one of us had even thought about the bags when we arrived.  We never even thought about them as the checker was filling up plastic bags with our groceries. What are we going to have to do to remember that even when we remember to take them, we remember to take them out of the car?

Are we the only people that do this? Feeling pretty “old & forgetful”  about ourselves, on the way home, we began to talk of some of the things that we do now that are tell-signs that we are getting just a tad bit of a “Senior”. Here are just a few, see if any of you share some of these same characteristics.

  1. We like cereal for lunch
  2. Even though a restaurant is one of our favs, we wait until we get a coupon in the mail or we don’t go.
  3. We have a hard time getting a date on the calendar for lunch with our friends, as there are very few days that some of them have free from Dr Appointments.
  4. We sleep so late, we end up just skipping breakfast and have breakfast food for dinner.
  5. 3:00 afternoon coffee is beginning to sound better and better, just like our parents did (and that is after our nap)
  6. Eating at 5:30 doesn’t sound quite as bad as it use to.
  7. Looking for restaurants which allow Seniors to eat for less, no matter the time of day.
  8. Going to Branson is sounding like it would be a fun place to go.
  9. Monday Mornings find us getting out all our vitamins to restock our pill caddy.
  10. Velcro fasteners on shoes are staring to look attractive!
And these are the ones we just thought of. There are probably more, but we can’t remember them.

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