Senior Hotel Shenanigans

We have returned from our quick trip to San Diego, where we met some of our kids from Texas and inlaws. Our son had invited us to come for a couple of days while they were there visiting our DIL parents, who keep their sailboat there in the marina in San Diego. Looking back, we … Continue reading

Memory, Depression & Cholesterol

Today was a rude awakening for me. Just returning from the doctor office, I have some great suggestions, some new insights and some new thoughts. First of all, if you are under 40, just go read a different blog and don’t waste your time reading this.  While you are still “fit” and young and can … Continue reading

Discoveries, Dislocated Shoulders & Dishes

Since the last blog, May 22nd, there have been quite a few lessons learned. We have discovered where the nearest Hospital in Mesa is located, we can eat for weeks out of paper plates and…Randy dislocating his shoulder with 2 fractures will not slow us down, ok, maybe a tiny bit, but he has learned … Continue reading

Senior Struggles in So Carolina

Maybe it’s just us, but as we travel along our great Nations byways, we are learning more about ourselves. Most travelers seem to write about the great experiences they have at each destination. We, on the other hand, seem to experience things that just point out that we are not getting any younger. This morning, … Continue reading

Eating Our Way Thru Florida

The adventure has begun. We are on our way to see how many great new places we can dine in from Texas, up the East Coast, going into Hershey, PA, Richmond, VA, Hilton Head, Outer Banks, Orlando and depending if we can still get the seat belts around us, who knows where before heading back … Continue reading

On The Road Again

In the same time that it takes us to go from Dallas to El Paso, we have traveled from Houston to Lousiana, Mississippi, (It makes me so proud to still be able to spell that after being out of school 48 years), Alabama and then on into Florida. As we drove through New Orleans, we … Continue reading

Senior Shopping Bags & Senior Moments

Randy and I began with great plans of being such proud little “going green” seniors as we headed out the back door to go grocery shopping. We had laid one of our recyclable bags out so we would not forget to get them off the hook in the garage, which is what happens each week. We … Continue reading