Fourth, Freedom and Food

As I sit here before heading out for a family celebration, both Randy and I have so much to give thanks. Last evening we had some friends over to celebrate Randy’s birthday. As we were saying goodbye to our friends at the end of the evening, we sat down to just go over the night,; … Continue reading

Hearts In Tune

There is a gospel group called Hearts in Tune, which is a favorite of mine. This morning upon hearing more of the tragedy that is going on not only in Dallas, but over the world, those words just kept coming to me, “Hearts in Tune.” It is so very sad to me to listen to … Continue reading

Bringing Respect to America

Just finished watching Donald Trump answer questions from reporters on TV. As I sat here listening, so many thoughts came over me. Hearing him talk of how American can be great again, brings hope to me. But it cannot happen overnight or without change in each and every home.  I have never really been very politically involved, which as … Continue reading

4th Of July!!!!

I love fireworks, I love what they stand for. We have had a whirlwind of company the past 2 weeks with more family coming in from Austin today. I just made the pioneer woman’s incredible chocolate sheet cake. My son coming in from Austin is bringing his new “friend” for us to meet. I have … Continue reading

July 4th & Just Some Thoughts

We are sitting here, watching news before heading out with some of our kids to watch fireworks. We love fireworks and picnics. It is truly one of the most fun activities that I look forward to every summer. As we were watching the news and listening to warnings regarding possible threats by terrorist across the … Continue reading