Bringing Respect to America

Just finished watching Donald Trump answer questions from reporters on TV. As I sat here listening, so many thoughts came over me. Hearing him talk of how American can be great again, brings hope to me. But it cannot happen overnight or without change in each and every home.  I have never really been very politically involved, which as a Christian, I should be ashamed. We sit here complaining about how American has become a country without God in our values, schools and communities. This summer I heard our daughter say, “oh, we don’t pay attention to much to who is even running, because it just doesn’t effect us”. I said the same thing for years, as our kids were growing up and feeling that it just didn’t matter too much who was leading our country. It makes me sad that I didn’t teach our children that voting was a privilege and honor. We drove by our church school this morning after the service. As I looked at it, it came to my mind that I had never heard about any church school which had had a shooting incident. Why is that? Do our leaders think about the fact that yes, churches are not perfect, nor or their schools. But as parents, shouldn’t we realize that the Godly values that are taught in Biblical based schools teach not only respect for others, but for the student themselves. Maybe the faith based schools have more accountability, more discipline and require more from the students? That everyone must answer for their decisions?

Can we not see the results of a society which has taken God out of everything?

Why is it that our National leaders have not figured out that as they have tried to make America a country of “a country which has given us so many freedoms and rights” we have actually built a country which has taught a whole generation that there are no consequences for bad decisions. That as they have ‘lead a nation to accept all religions” we have neglected the religion which this country was founded, which taught that we were to respect God and try to live according to His laws? That hard work to better yourself was a blessing, not a curse. That Godly principles gave people a sense of purpose and security of knowing that we were under God’s authority. We didn’t have the chaos or a whole generation which is looking for an “easy life”. Life had meaning…because it looked to God for values and morals. America has lost the respect of the world, is it any wonder? Families have been torn apart by divorce. Children run our homes, not the parents, as we want to be their “friends”. Children have no boundaries and we wonder why they grow up to be adults which feel entitlement.

We have allowed all these “freedom’s”, which have taken our God given rights to pursue Him. It’s sad  that I didn’t speak out and work for what my heart truly believed. That our Nation can be great again. But it will only come, when we, as a nation, get on our knees, acknowledging that we need God. We need Him not only in our everyday lives, but in our schools and in our homes.  Then, and only then will we bring back respect within our Nation and from other countries that use to look at us and know that we were truly “one nation under God”!

On this Labor Day 2015, may we do our part to put God back into our Nation…one family at a time!

4 thoughts on “Bringing Respect to America

  1. Here’s the truly, in my opinion, scary thing – I’m not a Christian; I don’t even like your God and would never worship Him even as one among many. Yet, I agree nearly completely with with what you’ve written here.


  2. Here! Here! Miss Cox. You have brought out some great points but even our kids who follow Christ and discuss his merits, leave politics out of their busy lives. We, as mature parents, must start discussing our values, yes, even political values, with them to let them know what right and wrong has to do with voting for a good, and hopefully righteous, candidate.
    I have started talking with our grandchildren and their parents about certain things to help them feel and get comfortable to review theirs and others ideas and compare them with God’s Word. It has been eye opening with excellent respect for each other.
    We need to get them prepared to vote knowledgeably. I know it was in college before I formed my strong beliefs in what was good for my country. Your awakening to this responsibility is the first step. Enjoy the trip but remember knowledge is the first thing we need to learn.

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  3. Thanks, Trudy, for your heartfelt, common sense observations. Such a great reminder and hopefully, motivator, for all of us to heed the call to take back our country. I agree that it all starts with humbling ourselves before our Creator and crying out to Him for forgiveness and mercy. I do believe our country is worth fighting for, and much of that battle is spiritual warfare. It is never hopeless as long as we don’t give up and give in to the opposition. May God bless America!

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