July 4th & Just Some Thoughts

We are sitting here, watching news before heading out with some of our kids to watch fireworks. We love fireworks and picnics. It is truly one of the most fun activities that I look forward to every summer. As we were watching the news and listening to warnings regarding possible threats by terrorist across the country, we are reminded to be aware of our surroundings, and report any suspicious behavior.The last several years, it has been such a  heavy thought to me that our leaders choose to not see how our country has spiraled down to become a country that sees more and more violence. They try to tell us that it is because we need more “programs”.

We have continually pushed God out of our country, our schools and our families. We then wonder why we are seeing more school shootings, more violence against churches and constant rising in crime across our land.

Talking to teachers, we hear that things are very different now. Years ago, when they talked to parents regarding discipline problems they are having with the child, parents use to ask what they could do to show support to the teacher and offer their help in disciplining the child. Now. more times than not, when teachers have to have a parent teacher conference, it results in the parents placing blame on the teacher, because “the child certainly is not to blame.”

Times have changed. We no longer have the freedoms that we once did, because everything we say or do seems to violate another person’s comfort or “rights”. The days we live in seem to have escalated into days of people having no respect for themselves or others. Children are not taught boundries.

When we look back over the last 10 years, it is easy to see the results of a nation which doesn’t allow discipline in schools. We are no longer teaching our children to honor the real heros. The heros that the children hold in high esteem, seem to have no morals themselves. It amazes me that our leaders all over the country do not recognize that when discipline left the schools, new problems arose. We have more gangs, more drugs, more children being bullying, more kids ending up in prison. Families have changed. Because of the times which allow any thing that seems ‘right” we have a nation that confuses truth with “rights”.

This post might sound pretty negative, but our nation is no longer a nation “under God”. As we continue to spiral down, troubles continue to spiral out of control. News is full of stories of people being killed, some by even family members

.Our wonderful Nation that was formed by men who truly were heros, knew that sacrifices were being made for others. Their Godly convictions were convictions that were based on God’s truths, that we were given to guide us.  If we followed those laws and commands given to us by our Creator, our Country would still have problems, but we would be a blessed people, with God as our model.

Why, in the 40’s and 50’s when we allowed God in our schools and taught respect in our homes, did we not have the problems which we have today? Hum….

It is with these thoughts that I thank the many many people who have sacrificed so much for the freedom that we still celebrate. It breaks my heart that the Country which they have fought for has abused so many of the freedoms. That America has become a country full of people who feel entitled to “things”, which in the past, people worked hard to receive. This has created a generation of people who don’t like to work or respect those who do.

It is great that our forefathers cannot see what American has become. America, from sea to shining sea….let’s realize our mistakes and turn our country back to what it is suppose to be, One Nation, Under God!

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