4th Of July!!!!

I love fireworks, I love what they stand for. We have had a whirlwind of company the past 2 weeks with more family coming in from Austin today. I just made the pioneer woman’s incredible chocolate sheet cake. My son coming in from Austin is bringing his new “friend” for us to meet. I have seen pictures of her from FB and some texts that they sent us when he went to Chicago to visit her. But getting to meet her has brought up many memories. I remember meeting my husbands mom and dad and how nervous I was. What would I wear, would I have a good hair day? Would I sound silly or be able to act the way I felt they expected? Is all this going on in her mind?

It is so different to be on the other side of the “meeting the parents” day. I got up, showered, put on shorts, flip flops and thought, “oh well, my hair looks good enough”. Or wait, does it? Should I iron the shorts and make them look nicer? Should I put on my whole face, with eye makeup and all? Do I go ahead and wear perfume? What if she is allergic to perfume? What if she is allergic to nuts that I put in the chocolate cake? I need to dust and sweep and clean the bathrooms before they get here.

I guess it really isn’t much different. No matter the age, no matter the circumstance, we all still feel that we need other’s approval. As we age, the approval doesn’t seem as intense, but we still want everything to be perfect for meeting people that might be a very special part of our family.

So we have cleaned the house, baked favorite dishes for our son and will hopefully make her feel most welcome. We have a sign over our back door that says, “Enter as Strangers, Leave As Friends”….that is what we hope will happen this weekend.

Have a glorious 4th and remember to stop, pray and thank God for the freedoms we do still have and for the families that still sacrifice so much for us to have those freedoms.

America, God shed His grace on thee, and crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea!

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