Around The Bend

Each morning before my feet hit the floor, it is my intention to just tell the Lord, “”good morning and thank You for the day” before reading Streams in the Desert or the Bible verse of the day. It just helps me to remember that the day belongs to Him, not me, and thatI need God’s guidance and direction each and every day. This morning, I began to go back over the last 3 weeks of adventures we have encountered along the roads which has taken us to 10 states, thus far.
Because we have had such a blessed time, it made me think about all the blessings which have been ours since we packed up and headed out. Because it has been such a time of rest and just being able to go where we wanted, seeking out new places, I started wondering about this time. Yesterday, after Randy pulled off the road to allow me to take a picture after I just stated, “man that would make such a pretty picture”, he pulled over and said,”is this a good spot?P I quickly looked over to him and ask him if I was dying and he just hadn’t told me. In fact, I began to think back over the 3 weeks of travel and remembered that this entire time, Randy had been overly thoughtful, to the point that he lets me choose where we eat, what sightseeing spots we go, the hotels that I suggest, and even saying, would you like to buy this souvenir? It would look so cute in our new kitchen.” I began to get suspicious. I must be dying and he is just not telling me. It made me compare my feelings to how I feel when God pours out His blessings to us. Why God, are you being so good to me? Are you getting ready to take something away, or what bad event will be around the bend? Why is it that we pray and ask God’s Hand of blessing to be upon us, only to question Him when He gives us times of refreshing? Why do we continually question His goodness to us all the while thinking “o wretched man that I am.” because we know our hearts and thoughts, we don’t deserve His grace or goodness? It makes me stop and remember that, in fact, no, we don’t deserve His grace or goodness, EVER, no matter how good we think we are. But because God loves us, He pours out His grace to us. We truly might not know what bends in the road there might be, but no matter the bend, we have the Master of our Souls to carry us through. I need to learn to just accept that love and grace from God the Father and from Randy. I don’t deserve either one, but am truly blessed to be loved by both.

7 thoughts on “Around The Bend

  1. Really good analogy, Trudy. Good stuff on your blogs.
    Love seeing and hearing where you have been…I feel like I am on the trip with you. 🙂


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  3. Amen!!! We are both blessed to have an awesome loving God and a husband that is loving and caring too!
    Loved your post Miss Trudy, and love you too!


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