Butter Mecca

Today is the day! I am as giddy as a 4 year old being turned loose in FAO Scwartz. Today we drive in to Savannah….home of the butter queen herself, Paula Deen, or as we butter lovers call her, Paula. My heart is racing as we load the car. I can already imagine what it will be like. We will walk proudly into Lady & Son’s with our mouths watering and our tummies growling. Just to be in the butter queen’s hometown has been a dream since my first purchase of one of her cookbooks.  While others walk with reverence into Graceland, we will be waiting for a table with that little gleam in our eyes, just wondering if we will be fortunate to see “her”. I have on my best pearl earrings, just in case. I will be talking recipes that include mass amounts of butter with Randy just in case anyone is listening to our conversation; they will know that we have so much in common with the lady whose cookbooks adorn my kitchen book shelves. Not wanting to feel like a newbie cook, I will linger over each bite, contemplating the ingredients, while Randy rolls his eyes.

Yes, this is one of those days that will long be remembered. If we should be so lucky to actually see her or any of her family members, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will just happen to mention that  not only do I keep the fridge stocked with a minimum of 4 lbs of butter, 3 lbs of cream cheese and 1 qt of whipping cream at all times, I always hand Randy his cup of melted butter at breakfast each morning, just to be sure he gets his quota of butter each day. After all, that’s what us “good southern cooks” are all about.

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