Touring on Retirement Budget

Another place that we cannot return…Savannah. Because we are on what Randy calls a “retirement budget” we are looking for ways to cut back where we can. He has told me to make a little game of it so I won’t feel like we are having to give up wonderful things like, eating or manicures/pedicures, salons, you know, the necessities of life. Today took the cake. We were in our hotel looking at the different tours to take which would allow us to see the historical places around Savannah. He told me that first he would kind of like to drive around the downtown area just to acquaint himself with possible restaurants so we could decide which tour sounded fun. I agreed. That was where I made my first mistake. As we were driving around taking in the small streets and different gardens, we got stuck behind one of the Tour Trolley’s and because the street was so narrow, we couldn’t go around. As we were sitting there waiting for the tour guides spill on the history of the building that was right in front of us, Randy quickly looked at me and said, “instead of paying all that money to ride the tour trolley, lets just follow it with our windows down so we can hear what the guide is saying”. I couldn’t believe my ears. In the first place, it was 43 degrees with the wind blowing and now we were getting dirty looks from the folks riding in the back of the trolley. They knew exactly what we were doing. It was so embarrassing. I pretended that I needed for Randy to pull over for me to take a picture of an empty warehouse so at least the Trolley would be able to make a run for it. As we were pulled over for me to take a picture, we heard tourist say, “there is that blue Texas Mercedes” that is too cheap to buy a tour ticket”. I told Randy to get us out of there and let’s go on to Charleston. It was time for me to have a little chat with Mr. Randy. I told him that maybe we should find other ways to cut back, other than the free tours, as I would hate for us to be ask to leave a town.

We are now in Charlestown and thank the Lord, we don’t have time to do any tours. He is now on the computer seeing if he can find any waterfront seafood restaurants which honor AARP or have any coupons that we can use. I think its time to head back to Dallas. Hopefully by the time we get to come back, Savannah will have forgot us or we will have a different car so they won’t recognize us.

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