Princess Elsa VS Spiderman

We have arrived in the land of Princesses and pink & purple surroundings. It is a blessing that we had a neutral resting few days in Texas since leaving “grandson territory” and arriving in “princess territory”. What a difference a few days make. It wasn’t that many days ago that we were surrounded by balls of every shape and color, dinosaur  and SpongeBob or Spiderman stuffed toys Where the plates on the table were pictures of Batman, Robin or Incredible Hulk. Stepping on Kung Fu Warriors figurines were common. Having to pretend we were hiding from  Capt Hook was the only way we could come out of our room. We barely escaped the pretend volcano erupting before loading up the 3 grandsons in the car only to need to move a Scoobie Do lunch box before we could climb into the minivan. Ah…how precious.

Now arriving in Princess territory is a whole new experience. Pink, pink, pink….everywhere. We loaded pink plastic plates this morning with pancakes because “we were eating with Princess Elsa and everyone has to eat on princess plates”. The movie Sophia that also stars Elsa and Ariel is mow playing while I am sitting beside a “real little princess, dressed in all pink, writing this. We were blessed at breakfast to be eating with a princess that wouldn’t eat until her tierra was placed on her head and her milk was poured into her pink star cup. We have gone from being entertained by 3 boys tumbling on the floor, yelling at each other that “it’s my turn to jump on dad” to a sweet princess just wanting us to watch her cook on her make believe stove for all the dolls, which are, of course, dressed in pink.

Randy is now thanking me, which I knew he would, for making him learn “Where is Thumbkin” so he is able to sing along with Princess Elsa. I told him he could thank me by letting us stop at the Outlet Mall when we leave Orlando.
After this pink week, we feel we are ready to welcome our new granddaughter who will arrive in July. Next segment of our travel Randy agreed to learn Little Bunny Foo Foo. We’ve got this grandparenting down pat!

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