What can I say except, YUM!!!!! Today was one of those days which will remain one of my favorite food memories. If you are like me, you have those special days of falling into different categories and today, well, all I can say is, “I had a great time.”. We arrived in Savannah an hour … Continue reading

Touring on Retirement Budget

Another place that we cannot return…Savannah. Because we are on what Randy calls a “retirement budget” we are looking for ways to cut back where we can. He has told me to make a little game of it so I won’t feel like we are having to give up wonderful things like, eating or manicures/pedicures, … Continue reading

Butter Mecca

Today is the day! I am as giddy as a 4 year old being turned loose in FAO Scwartz. Today we drive in to Savannah….home of the butter queen herself, Paula Deen, or as we butter lovers call her, Paula. My heart is racing as we load the car. I can already imagine what it will … Continue reading