Countdown to Christmas

Hope you have noticed the new look to the blog. When my son was here for Thanksgiving, he helped me to put a new look to the homepage. I am so grateful to his computer knowledge, while I do good to just write on the blog. Thanks, Jason, I love the look and the pictures of the desserts, just makes me want to get in the kitchen and bake.

It is now 4 weeks from today until that magical morning when, if we have small children, we awake to shrills of laughter and delight. If we are in the season of life that allows us to actually sleep past 8 because the children are either older or gone out of the house, we awaken to just the opportunity to sit beside the Christmas tree and remember special years of the family gathering around the tree. Isn’t it odd, when we have the children under our roof, they wake us up at 5:30 a.m because they cannot wait a minute longer to see what Santa has brought. We think, “oh how nice it will be when they are older and we can sleep in past 8 on Christmas morning sitting by the tree with a cup of coffee all the while listening to carols on the “iPod” (notice I didn’t want to sound too old and say “radio”)”.

Then, when they are teenagers, we have to threaten them with”you will have your iPod, computer and iPhone taken away, unless you get out of bed right now so we can have Christmas morning”.

Then the season of  wishing that they would grow up just a little more to where they will “appreciate all we are doing to make their Christmas special” Why, do they not realize that I shopped and shopped just trying to pick out the perfect present” only to find out since it was purchased, there is already a “new and improved” version.

Then the years come that we are empty nesters. We are now able to sleep in until 8, but because we go to bed so early now, we awake on our own at 6:00 a.m. As we head to the living room to turn on the lights to the tree and Christmas music. it still doesn’t make the longing of wanting a full house again,  go away. The longing for just one more year that we could have little ones back in the bedrooms, waking us up at 5. Or maybe just one more year of teenagers, sleeping so soundly that we have to turn up “Santa Got Run Over By a Reindeer” just to irritate them out of bed. That was always one of my most favorite ways to irritate them. Oh for the good times.

This year, I am learning to be content in whatever season of life I am in. Yes, I will sit by the tree and reminisce about Christmases’ past. I will give thanks to God for the years when we did have to stay up until midnight to put together trikes, or desks or train sets. The years of trying to get them all to sit down together for Christmas breakfast before they took off in their own cars to go show off their new clothes to friends will be remembered. But it is also very nice to sit with my husband, listening to”O Holy Night” while we enjoy the quiet of Christmas. We will give thanks for all the wonderful memories of children, teenagers and our parents being crowded into our house. When we have had enough quiet, we will quickly get ready to join our adult children at their house. It is now time to pass the baton to them to begin their traditions and memories of Christmas in their own homes.  We are adjusting quickly to the “passing the baton”. After all, we now, for the first time in years, are truly in control. We can leave whenever we want and head home to the quietness of Christmas as seen only through the eyes of grandparents.

The memories of Christmas past are absolutely wonderful but the new memories that will be made, maybe in a different way, are just as priceless. And because we can approach Christmas morning after having a great nights sleep, while visions of sugarplums danced in our heads, we will be so excited as the little ones jump up to greet us, with the sparkle of Christmas in their eyes.

So Christmas Countdown begins with renewed hope, renewed excitement and renewed love for our precious family who we love so much. Let the celebration begin! Noel and Frosty,

PS…that is now how we irritate our children, we change our names the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas, even on our phone answering machines and everything we sign (except the checks we send to them, we tried that, but the bank sent them back and the kids threatened to send us early to the nursing home if we did it again)

One thought on “Countdown to Christmas

  1. Mom, this is an eloquent and sentimental post. I’m glad you wrote it. Tracy and I are square in the middle and enjoy the Holidays through Sevy’s eyes and I wouldn’t change a thing. We had a great time with you guys last week and look forward to sharing many more Holiday weekends with you. Love you.


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