Post Thanksgiving Blues

It’s almost here, the hour that both cars will pull out of the driveway and head home. Back to reality. Back to cooking for two. Back to having no toys to step over, no dishes in the sink, after I have cleaned up 14 times since lunch. No background Little Einstiens, no sharing my iPad, well, actually we didn’t share, I haven’t seen my iPad since last Monday. No Pop Tart crumbs to vacumn up. No cookie crumbs in our bed because all the little darlings wanted to lay in our bed and watch cartoons. Wait, why am  I getting depressed? Because with all of that, comes the cutest little voices telling me that “dats otay, Nana, I fine” when one of the other kids ate the last chocolate chip muffin. Or, “Nana, I wuv you so much” or, “I wish I could just stay here”. All those precious words are what make all the afore mentioned things worthwhile. So even though it will be nice to not have to “share” the iPad, or only cook for 2, the day after they pull away to head home will be the day that we begin to plan our trip to visit them in 4 weeks for Christmas. After all, the Thanksgiving blues would turn into a Blue, Blue Christmas without them. We love you guys and are so thankful that you were here this year and helped make new memories that will stay with us forever, especially the pen marks on the couch, the sticky gum that won’t come out of the carpet, the broken expensive pumpkin that won’t sit in the middle of the table anymore…..Oops, sorry, guess I did have  a little more Holiday Stress than I  thought. Well, we truly are thankful for each and every memory we have for Thanksgivine 2012, good and bad. Our family has come to accept the fact that our holidays relate more to Clark Griswald than to Norman Rockwell. We are signing off from Peter and Penelope Pumpkin to Frosty and Noel as of today…..The Christmas Countdown begins now!

If any of you have any funny Thanksgiving Dinner stories, please share them with us. Would love to hear from you.

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