7 Days To Go

The excitement is building. Each and every time I am in the store, you can spot the people who think that they are in there for the last time before Turkey Day. They have their “list” in their hands and the smug look on their faces reveal that they think that they are so smart to be shopping the week before the grocery stores look like the blue light special hour at Kmart. But, that isn’t what it is all about. The last minute runs to the store to get the canned cranberry sauce or the marshmallows for the sweet potato casserole are the things that make it a real Thanksgiving. It’s all I can do to not say, “you might think this is the last time you will be in here before Thanksgiving, but I can tell from your grocery cart that you will be here at least twice before you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner”. Some of the most fun times at the grocery store are the last minute jaunts to pick up last minute things. You always see someone you know, and usually the “feeling is in the air” of holiday excitement. It is fun to see first time cooks shopping the night before buying the frozen turkey, never guessing that it won’t thaw out for 2 more days. Love to see the fights of shoppers grabbing at the last can of cranberry sauce, or looking for the bag of seasoned bread crumbs. There is always panic on their faces when they realize there is none left. I take advantage of their misfortune and calmly say to Randy, (of course so they can hear) “honey, do you think our 3 cans of cranberry sauce we bought the other day will be enough” I have been offered their first born for just one of my cans. So think I will go take a nap. I still have 7 days to plan the menu, buy the necessities and figure out which recipe I will use for the dressing. No need to get in a rush. After all, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the  3-5 last minute trips next Wednesday to the grocery store.

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