Retirement for Dummies

2 yrs down the road we have worked out a system! We knew that whatever housexwe bought had to have a den and a living room for each of us to have a little “away” time! He plays bocce ball while I bake! He rides around in the golf cart while I write, when I paint he plays Eucher at the clubhouse! Anytime he leaves in the car. I just yell out,” love ya honey be home by midnight”! Yes, we have learned how to live “together” in this season of retirement….by staying apart as much as possible! Do not judge me!

Chocolate Castles

We have just completed our first week of Frosty’s retirement. All our friends have been asking him the last couple of years when he was going to retire. His answer was always the same, “I don’t know if I will ever retire” Every time we are leaving Walmart and the little old man at the door tells us “have a good day”, my sweet hubby always says, “I could do that if I ever retire”.

This past week found us the first few days trying to decide if he really wanted to look for a new adventure or truly just retire. I told him that I knew what I wanted him to do. Guess I should have not spoken that idea out loud. Actually, at the first of the week, we were both saying, “this might be great” we can go anywhere, do anything and stay up as late as…

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