Christmas Around the LazyBoy

We had hoped that moving to Arizona might help us get our stamina back, living around all the hikers and mountain climbers, but that wore us out even more, just listening to their stories of hiking and climbing!

Chocolate Castles

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night; which seems like it comes faster and faster. The nights that is. I remember some years ago, not that many, actually, when I used to think, “well, I will get all the chores done during the day that need doing plus all the shopping for presents and then tonight, I will just curl up in a blanket by the fire and address Christmas cards, all the while waiting for sugar cookies to finish baking so we can have a goodies to eat while wrapping presents from 9 to midnight, just enjoying the Christmas movies” Ah…the joys of Christmas. w

That is not happening. We are now to the age when it (and when I say “it”, that means absolutely anything that requires standing, concentrating or movement of any kind that makes us get out of our recliners) doesn’t get done by 6 p.m…

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