Cauliflower VS Chocolate

I learned something yesterday. I learned that when I posted the recipe for oven-fried cauliflower, it got the 2nd highest views my blog has ever received. It was shocking to see that a veggie would out shine some fabulous dessert, like pumpkin bread pudding, or chocolate truffle cake, but who knew that on a blog called Chocolate Castles, a vegetable would win. So I am thinking that when I post a dessert such as “Chocolate Upside Down Cake” I think I will title it “Chocomato Upea Dosquash Cakeabean” That should get a lot of hits. With the many health conscience blogs out there just waiting for us to click on their tofu recipes and wheat germ pancakes recipe, it just never occurred to me that I should be posting more veggies. There is a diet dr. (you know who you are) that follows my blog and seems to always “like” some of the most fattening desserts that I post. That makes me wonder, is he a closet junk food junkie or does he just read and dream about eating all the desserts that we know we shouldn’t be eating? Maybe he is just waiting for me to get to 500 lbs then I would be yelling to him for help. This reminds me of the grocery store story that my daughter told me to tell you about. The incident made me feel like I weighed 500 lbs.

I was at Kroger in Dallas and was hurridly getting what I needed to head home and cook. Almost finished, I headed to the frozen food aisle. I opened the door to get frozen rolls, but before I knew it, I dropped the packages of frozen rolls down in the frozen case. Bending over to retrieve them, the door of the frozen food section, closed, hitting me on my rear end. Trying not to fall over, I quickly put my right food over the bottom bar of the grocery cart, trying to regain my balance, when the grocery cart began to roll away from me. The next moment, I found myself with one foot stuck between the two bottom bars of the cart and the other leg, straddling, trying to stand up. I ended up spread eagle on my stomach, with one leg still in the grocery cart and the frozen food laying in front of my face. Knowing I wasn’t hurt, I hurriedly  looked around to see if anyone saw my little acrobatic stunt. Thank goodness, I was the only one on the aisle, but when I was finally able to pick myself up from the floor, my daughter called. I began to tell her my story and she was laughing so hard she started crying. She put her phone on speaker and told me I had to repeat the whole story so my son-in-law could hear. As fast as I could, I checked out, thinking that it was all probably caught on camera and all the Kroger employees would be spending their 15 min breaks watching the blonde trying to shop the frozen food section. To this day,Jodi breaks up laughing when we talk about how all these things always seem to happen to me.

Tonight, I will be in search of a new healthier veggie dish to post tomorrow. It was exciting to see so many visitors that apparently are in love with veggies. Yesterday…cauliflower, tomorrow…something squash. But, if I have to go get any frozen veggies for the recipe, I am going to be sure I’m alone on the frozen food aisle;just in case, history really does repeat itself.


I have now added Kroger to my list of “never going back there” stores!

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