Bobblehead & Golf Carts

Taking the little grand boys to the Dollar Store the other day to let them go wild with $5, I happened upon a scarecrow that I decided I just could not live without. You know the ones, which are solar powered, just made for the dashboard of the car! Well, Sammy Scarecrow came home with me and was enjoying his new home on Dovey’s dashboard,(yes, I even name my cars) when Randy suggested that we go to Sonic and Lowes. Upon getting settled in the car and quickly noticing this precious new addition to our car, he glared over at me and said, “what is this and what is it doing in the car?” Sensing some hostility, I sweetly smiled and answered, “that is Sammy Scarecrow and this is his new home for the next 4 weeks. Isn’t he just the cutest? His head bobbles back and forth when the sun hits the pumpkin he is sitting on.” To make a point, the whole time we drove the car that day, Randy would bob his head up and down, back and forth and ask me if I thought that was cute.

Why do men hate having cute little seasonal decorations on cars? I told him that he should be glad I didn’t order a giant pumpkin decal that would cover the whole back windshield. He suggested that maybe Sammy would be happier riding on the dashboard of the golf cart. Which brings me to a story of one reason we love living here. Two nights ago, I rode our golf cart to Bunco here in our neighborhood. When I arrived at my destination, there were about 5 golf carts, 3 bikes and one car. After a great night of bunco (and I won the door prize of a cute little pumpkin plate, which I will find a place among my pumpkin decorations) we were all loading into our carts when one of the ladies suggested we have a golf cart race down the street. What fun and where else can you have golf cart races than in a neighborhood such as this? Here we were, about 9 p.m., ladies racing down the middle of the street, headed home. It was such fun. Then last evening, I was riding around here after dropping Randy off at bocce ball, once again in the golf cart, when I ran into a friend of mine riding her bicycle. I pulled the cart over to the side of the road and we visited there on the street for about 30 minutes, when another 2 friends came by on bikes. They had heard that I baked all the time and ask if I had any cookies ready to hand out. I told them that, actually I had made oatmeal raisin coolies and had a butter cake in the freezer. They hopped back on their bikes and said, we will meet you at your house. Speeding (well, going 18 mph) the golf cart back home, I ended up giving out bags of cookies to new friends last night and one of the Kentucky Butter Cakes. After they left, I rode up with Oliver to pick Randy up for Bocce Ball and ended up visiting with two ladies who were there watching their husbands. What a beautiful evening and what a glorious blessing to be a part of a community where people love to visit. Both ladies invited me over to their homes, telling me to “stop by anytime, as they love people just coming over.” I didn’t know places like this still existed. This is exactly what we have been wanting and we are so blessed to be living in a place where we have friends living right down the street and are continuing to find folks which share so much of the same interests.

Thursday a new friend which goes to our church and lives behind us is having a luncheon for new ladies who just moved in. Pinch me, surely I must be dreaming. Yes, we do feel so blessed and feel like our prayers have been answered in ways even greater than we imagined. Sammy has a new home on the golf cart and bobbles like crazy when we are racing and Randy has his car back, free from Halloween decorations. Will wait until the day after Thanksgiving to show Randy the Reindeer antlers and red nose I just ordered for Dovey.

FYI the recipe for the oatmeal cookies are on the blog under “The Best Oatmeal Cookies”, just type that in the search bar and the recipe will pop up.Bobb

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