Peter Pumpkin Not Allowed in Walmart

No matter the city, no matter the State, Peter Pumpkin strikes again! Can’t take Com anywhere! This hasnow happened at Costco here in AZ!

Chocolate Castles

Today was the last straw. I will never EVER ask Randy if he wants to go with me to Walmart, much less on a weekend.  I have noticed that he is always a little to excited when I ask him if he would like to go, after all, what husband wants to go to Walmart with his wife.  Today I found out why. As I usually do, he pushes the cart while I dash around from aisle to aisle picking up items that come to mind. On one such trip back to the cart to throw in my grocery items because my arms were full, I cannot seem to find Mr. Congeniality.  Because I was carrying around more items than I should be, I am desperately looking for him to unload all the stuff. There in the produce aisle, he is pushing the cart and when he gets it going…

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