Shoefly Pie, Hershey & B & B’s

We are about 17 days into our road adventure, making stops in Destin, Orlando,Hilton Head, Richmond, and now, Hershey, PA.
Each of these destinations have blessed us with many new precious memories, new foods and new friends.
This week we are in a bed & breakfast, which I was shocked that Randy agreed to. He is not a B&B person, since he might have to talk to a stranger sitting across the table at breakfast. I’m not saying that he is unfriendly, nor is he shy, he is just one of those men who fake being asleep on a plane to avoid talking to the person sitting next to him. But, because we could not find any hotel which we felt good about, after reading rviews, we ended up here and we are so thankful we did. when I read about Westwynd Farm Inn, it looked amazing. So here we are,just a couple of miles out of town and have loved it so much, even Randy suggested we stay for another night. We woke up this morning to Lemon streusel muffins, spinach & feta cheese frittata, sausage and poached pears. Absolutely delicious. Carolyn and Frank, the owners built this to be a horse farm where they have lived since 1980. The Inn is beyond beautiful. She bakes everyday and we came in the door to the smell of raspberry bars, lemon squares, peanut butter cookies, brownies and hot tea/coffee.
Today we ventured out to the Amish country and was just mesmerized by the beautiful farm land, the horse drawn buggies and all of the great baked goods. We bought and ate our first Shoefly pie. We ended up going back and buying one to bring home with us. Tomorrow, we head to Hershey for me to surround myself in chocolate everything. Actually, today we went to Wilber’s chocolate Factory in Lititz, a little community which is known for their chocolate. Wilber’s was around before Hershey and their “chocolate buds” (just like Hershey kisses were made long before Hershey kisses) are really good. Driving into Hershey today, I was like a little kid, when we saw all the street lights shaped like Hershey Kisses. My kind of town! Randy and I are having a glorious time just adventuring to places we have heard about, but never been. I had not been to Amish country in 43 years and it has changed so much. The beauty is just a great reminder of how amazing our Creator is and all the beauty He gives us for our enjoyment.
Tomorrow, we are headed to see a life size replica of the Jewish Tabernacle, which is in Lancaster. It is a 45 minute tour of which we are thrilled to be able to see. When we leave this exhibit, we will head over to see the Hershey Hotel and Chocolate town, where I plan to pick up, well, let’s just say that if you come to visit me, you might see signs of Hershey all over my kitchen, mixed in with the mementoes we stuffed into our trunk at Paula Deens. Tomorrow night, I will wipe all the chocolate off my face after we leave Hershey Town and come home and post our findings. Until then, have a piece of chocolate and think of all the blessings which God has given you. of course, one of those being…chocolate!

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